Actress Kavya Madhavan to Divorce After 5 Month Marriage

In World entertainment news, Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan’s marriage is reportedly on the rocks already. Madhavan, one of South India’s favorite stars, began her career as a child actress back in the 1980’s. Married in February to Nischal Chandran, according to several sources Madhavan is now staying with her parents.

The Indian press is quick to suggest that this news is part of a trend where young women there, in particular celebrities, are having problems coping with the stresses imposed by marriage, career, tradition. There has been no comment from Kavya yet, but it has been suggested she has already sought legal council.

Since their marriage, Madhavan and Chandran have been living in Kuwait. Madhavan is perhaps best noted for retaining her Malayalam dialect, her charity, and for the weight of her filmography. As the South Indian film industry’s number one heroin for over a decade, Kavya’s marital woes obviously impact a great number of people.

Just after her marriage, the actress suggested that she would stop acting for the family. It is conjecture of course, but this writer wonders if this is not the reason for the apparent split. Tradition dies hard, and female actresses in this region would obviously come under extreme scrutiny. For those readers not familiar with Kavya, she has a fan site here. A short clip of some work from the famous Indian actress via YouTube is below.