Actress Kavya Madhavan to Divorce After 5 Month Marriage

In World entertainment news, Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan’s marriage is reportedly on the rocks already. Madhavan, one of South India’s favorite stars, began her career as a child actress back in the 1980′s. Married in February to Nischal Chandran, according to several sources Madhavan is now staying with her parents.

The Indian press is quick to suggest that this news is part of a trend where young women there, in particular celebrities, are having problems coping with the stresses imposed by marriage, career, tradition. There has been no comment from Kavya yet, but it has been suggested she has already sought legal council.

Since their marriage, Madhavan and Chandran have been living in Kuwait. Madhavan is perhaps best noted for retaining her Malayalam dialect, her charity, and for the weight of her filmography. As the South Indian film industry’s number one heroin for over a decade, Kavya’s marital woes obviously impact a great number of people.

Just after her marriage, the actress suggested that she would stop acting for the family. It is conjecture of course, but this writer wonders if this is not the reason for the apparent split. Tradition dies hard, and female actresses in this region would obviously come under extreme scrutiny. For those readers not familiar with Kavya, she has a fan site here. A short clip of some work from the famous Indian actress via YouTube is below.


  1. Hello says

    “gopakumar = taliban?”

    Good one ‘same’ :-)

    Ha ha…it’s funny that gopakumar pulled his title as well in a discussion like this.

    It’s like – if you are not scared by what i’ve written, look at my title, get scared and leave me alone. ;-)

    Super Senior Project manager (lol)

  2. Arunkumar S. says

    Hey guys and gals, I think the aspiration for a ‘happy married life’ is very overrated and most probably it is just a myth and a marriage is not the be all and end all of life. Many, in fact most of the marriages fall way short of your expectations and you have to be content with what you’ve got and that’s the cruel fact of life. The mistake Kavya and her family made was to rush into a marriage, without applying much thought to it. She could have continued with her career. May be pressure was building up on her watching the girls and other actresses of her age getting married off.
    I think as an actress she had been underutilized and her image had kept her bound in a straitjacket of a ‘sweet Malayali girl’. I hope she returns to her career and strives to break this invisible mould. I hope she experiments and is bolder with her choice of roles a la Jayabharati , Sheela etc. of the yesteryears. As a full blooded Malayali male, I would like to see more of her- physically and emotionally. She has the most beautiful Malayali female form (even the late director, the great Lohithadas commented on this) and I suggest she exploit it to the core. Being prudish is not a wise option. Kavya, my dear, you go girl! Show the world what you’ve got. Even the sky is no limit for you.
    If the latter part of my comments raises hassles among the feminist folk, I don’t give a damn.

  3. sonia menon says

    @same ..everyone is entitled to their opinion. It would be better if people do not try to personalize and make personal attacks on people who have been blogging in this site.

    I hope the moderator takes note of the comment of “same.”

  4. same says

    i dont understand some of the logic used here by people

    actress gets divorced = actress do not know how to live married life = because she acted in movies she does not know how to live her life = because movies are not reality = hence we should never see movies again = so we will all never get married.

    some people acted scenes from movies in real life and got into danger = everyone believes movies are real life = no one should see movies again = then we are all safe

    how about a different look at this

    movies are for fun = people see it for entertainment = only idiots will believe it is real life = only even bigger idiots will say movies should be banned = so there will be no more movie actress = hence we will all never get divorced.

    gopakumar = taliban?

  5. same says

    nobody is sure, and lollipops are here to express their feelings based on whatever knowledge they have of the situation. that is why i would think this topic has been put up here. maybe someone knows more than others, we would never know for sure would we.

  6. Sam says

    Do any of the people who have commented so far know anything about Nischal and Kavya as persons? Do they know anything about their temperaments , backgrounds, perspectives, financial, emotional or sexual needs? Even in a failed marriage where one knows both the partners, its often difficult to pin the blame. Then how come all these lollipops are so sure of their opinions for Kavya or against?

  7. NEETHU says

    Iam very sad.kavya chechi enthina vivaham kayikan poyathu.take care.gud bye……….

    • Phil Butler says

      It is a very sad thing to watch vibrant young people get into these situations so early in a relationship (or any time for that matter).


  8. Neya says

    Gosh Gopakumar! What’s up with ya man?

    “.It is giving one more message that better not to watch movies because real life is not like that.”

    Hell, Even small kids knows for a fact that movies are for fun and we aint looking for any role models there.

    “This is a clear message from our famous actress Kaavya to all her fans and public that winning a happy married life is not so easy”

    I agree with your firt statement though. It’s not easy to make any marriage work, but what if it’s a totally rotten condition. Instead of hanging in there and waste your life, she did the right thing. She got out of that as soon as she could. God bless you kavya. We all are praying for you to get a very blessed married life soon.I am sure you’ll get that guy who’ll love you unconditionally for the person you are rather than concerned abt your hefty bank accounts/assets.

  9. Gopakumar says

    This is a clear message from our famous actress Kaavya to all her fans and public that winning a happy married life is not so easy .It is giving one more message that better not to watch movies because real life is not like that.

  10. Natasha says

    @ Phil Butler:
    Thanx for the unbiased article and follow ups. Much better read than the local media… :))

    • Phil Butler says

      Thanks Natasha, and your are more than welcome. Thank you for the compliment. One of the most fun and fullfilling things we do is delve into other people, other cultures, and into stories that might not have otherwise been read. In writing about the rest of the world, our own lives are made richer by far.

      Thanks again for your kindness.


  11. Neya says

    To whoever wants to know the truth:

    The reason is kavya’s hubby’s family. Nishal’s mom is a total BIATCH and her both son’s are mama’s boys.
    The elder one , a doctor got married to a good looking girl from a weathly family and didn’t even see their first born(only child) for the
    first 2+ years(i meant never in 2 years). Finally once kavya stepped in , the biatch Moni mohan(tat’s Nisha’s mom’s name) and her elder son bought her back.
    She(the elder daughter in law) was treated miserable in kuwaitand she went back(i guess) because of the kid. Girl , this is the right time for you also
    to file a divorce. I am not sure how the laws in kuwait are , but is there any way possible for getting that Mani mohan in jail???

    The way how it works in Nishal’s family is that his mom takes all decisions and persuade their son’s to make their wife’s lives
    miserable. The helpless daughter in laws stays back, but kavya might have seen the episodes with elder daughter in law and flew away .
    Check out the link here . it was published on june 24
    ” Kavya while speaking about this said,” I am living happily with my husband in Kuwait.
    But lots of people are compelling me to act. My husband has also permitted me to act if I was willing. I will be coming to India next month. I will be listening to lot of stories at that time. If I like the story I will act. Since I am married I have a lot of responsibly so I will be careful in choosing my roles.””
    You can see someone forcing her to act.When i read that , i knew that stupid mani will be putting pressure for money. Poor girl,all she wanted was a nice family life.

    Also, i heard that kavya’s time(samayam) is really bad (not good for marriage), though nishants family convinced them to marriage saying tat it’s a good match. Here , I can only blame
    kavya’s parents and mithun(her brother) for not enquiring abt nisha’s family thoroughly. Well, when u look at them they all look good , aint it?Ofcourse he’s well educated, looks like a pig and from a respectable/wealthy family, however sources says that they are not wealthy as they claim to be.

    I strongly fear that nishal will win the case because they are extremely good in doing bad stuff. On the other hand, god being a great guy found a way to show the worst_mother_in_law to the whole world.
    Every single person in the world hates her. When i was talking to a friend of mine, she said she took a print out of nishal and made marks on his face with knife and just spit at his mom’s face

    Have you noticed her in video clippings. A typical bad MIL is written all over her face….I just HATE her – Just Kill yourself mani mohan ..Podi patti

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