Finally, Amazon Marketing Services that Make Sense

Amazon launched recently a new set of tools within Amazon Marketing Services: Amazon Pages, with Amazon Posts and Amazon Analytics, giving sellers more control over their brand’s image on There is no cost to register, and the use of the products is free, including all analytics.

amazon pages Finally, Amazon Marketing Services that Make Sense

The pages act as stand-alone brand-specific web pages, designed to extend a brand’s reach to customers and encourage immediate sales through a familiar and trusted purchasing environment.

The utility is increased through Amazon Posts – the social level of the new brand pages – which allow page owners to post social content on the brand’s Amazon Page and on Facebook. To measure social engagement for both Amazon Posts and Pages, Amazon now offers Amazon Analytics, a tool that shows the impact of every post and page on a daily basis, by click-through rate, purchasing index, and more.

With all these new tools, Amazon also released an Amazon Marketing Services User Guide with step-by-step information about how to create an Amazon Page, and Amazon Posts.

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