Videos Matter More Than Ever For Capturing Attention


Videos capture attention more than words…Prognosticators have long said video is the future of the Internet. Not only social media, but of all communication online. The place for video on the internet, and in the PR game, will continue to move toward the center of most impactful public relations campaigns . It is exciting, and highly alluring.

3rd Annual Internal Communications & Situational Messaging Conference

Marcus Evans

Coming up 4-5 December, the 3rd Annual Internal Communication and Situational Messaging Conference at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, promises to build upon the discourse created back in 2012. This year’s focus will be on measuring the effectiveness of internal communication, as well as better utilization of intranets.

Wirecard AG & Burda Digital GmbH Pen Deal

Dr. Jörg Lübcke

Wirecard AG has signed Burda Digital GmbH in an umbrella agreement underneath their eCommerce holdings according to news from Munich. The deal, which speaks of online retail and other digital services, spans credit card acceptance for Burda to use Wirecard’s services.

Rainmaker Institute Comes to Manhattan East

Stephen Fairley

Stephen Fairley will be offering a two day law firm marketing seminar at the Nov. 15-16, at the Hilton Manhattan East in New York City. The so-called Rainmaker Institute function will show info and implementation for marketing and conversion strategies in the legal realm.