PR Events to Come


The business world is rapidly changing, in terms of both technology and general business practices, and that has made the public relations industry as fluid as ever. Taking care of clients who wish to put their freshest and most compelling face to the world has always been a difficult job, but it only becomes tougher […]

Creative Uses of WordPress for Businesses


WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform on the web. That isn’t hyperbole, it is an honest observation. Every time you hear someone asking for advice on how to get a blog started, WordPress is always on the list of recommendations. Sure, some people prefer sites like Tumblr for quick photo sharing, or Blogger […]

Local Marketing through Local Blogging


The internet has been a goldmine for connecting with national and international affiliates, customers and resources. Businesses, especially small ones, have really benefited from this fact, and building quality links has never been easier thanks to social media. It is just a standard of marketing these days, and simple enough to accomplish. But that doesn’t […]

The Internet and the Death of Privacy


The internet has brought us access to more information than ever before in history, racking up a long list of positive additions to the daily human experience. Unfortunately though, access to information comes at a price; the web itself exists based only on the contributions of surfers, and you’re no different, especially with the rise […]

5 Kinds of Facebook Updates and How to Use Each to Get Attention


We all know by now that we should be using social media for everything from branding to marketing and customer engagement. We also know that we should be approaching it from differing angles, signing up with multiple sites to take advantage of their features in a unique way. But despite the place of Twitter, Google+, […]

The Internet Phenomenon: How You Can Find Free Stuff Easily


It is a fact of life that getting something for free immediately makes it better. There is just a thrill in the whole idea, knowing that you managed to score something you can genuinely use without having to spend any of your cash. Which means more money for you and your family, something that can […]

The Business of Gift Giving: Online


I am the most lazy gift giver. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it. The appreciation from people when they get a gift is amazing, but it is hard to find the time and energy to go out and shop. Which is why I am so lucky that an entire industry has been created […]

5 Meetups for PR Professionals

With new technologies continuing to completely change the game, public relations stands out as a field in which we need to keep multiple fingers on the pulse of the industry in order to be effective both today and tomorrow, and there’s no better way to learn about the latest advances than popular meetup groups. Get […]

Data Storage: Reasons to Backup Your Work


Though it is unfortunate, there are too many computer users that allow excuses to prevent them from backing up their data on a regular basis. Computers can break down and hard drives can fail for a myriad of reasons, and very few give hints prior to biting the dust. As such, a lot of data […]

Why Do So Many Sites Force Use To Login Using Facebook?


This question is being asked a lot lately, as more sites and apps begin requiring the sharing of Facebook or Twitter information for login. While it used to be that you could choose to use this service and so socialize your experience, and otherwise do a regular registration, that is becoming less common by the […]