A Few Simple Tips on 360-degree Feedback for Leadership Accomplishment

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360-degree feedback is a system where rather than receiving performance feedback from just your immediate manager; you get feedback from all directions. Your peers provide feedback to you, and if there are people reporting to you, they do too. The idea is that these people may see different aspects of your performance than your manager do, giving you a more accurate picture for career development.

5 Points that can help strengthen your negotiation techniques


Being able to negotiate well is important for your career, and can make a difference in what jobs, promotions, and income levels you attain. If you are a sales person or entrepreneur, then you may be involved in negotiations every day, dealing with client needs and people in your own organization.

Can gossip ruin your employee engagement?

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There’s a major difference between speaking about someone and speaking to someone at work. When you are collaborating, sharing ideas, and welcoming feedback you are speaking to that person (manager, colleague, boss, supervisor, etc); when you are speaking about the people in the office, you are gossiping. Gossip leads to decreased productivity because instead of doing something fruitful, you’re being distracted. Can chitchat ruin employee engagement? Yes, it can.

Boost your productivity by keeping your office organized


Do you usually spend a lot of time searching for papers, documents, emails, and supplies at the office? Are you having troubles staying organized? Because if that’s the case then it’s clear you’re losing productivity. It’s time to get back on track calls for a lot of commitment, planning, and consistency. CEOs, executives, managers, and business people in general, come to work extremely stressed. They just can’t keep their things organized. A messy work space leads to missed deadlines, and missed deadlines lead to lowered productivity. Don’t despair! Here are some tips you can use to stay organized at the office and increase output.

Great strategies you can use to control e-negotiations


The business people of today are used to negotiating via the internet. Whether they use Skype, Gmail or Facebook, the truth is technology has completely changed the way people bargain. When you’re an international organization dealing with employees, investors and customers from around the world, communicating with those people is vital.

Why companies hire motivational speakers to achieve their goals?

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Motivation is what keeps people moving towards a goal. For your company to achieve great results, you need to have a group of motivated employees. If the staff lacks motivation, you will see that reflected in lower job satisfaction and lower employee productivity. Motivational speakers can help you to boost the morale and energy level of your staff. They can also help by spurring new ideas and providing specific knowledge. Here are some of the reasons why corporations hire motivational speakers, and how this can help achieve business goals.

Are your negotiation techniques really effective?


Are you a competent negotiator? Do you truly believe that your techniques are efficient? A lot of people in business negotiate via the zero sum process. Basically, they decide what their goal is, increase that goal by 10 to 20% and they start making concessions to get to a good result. The secret to good bargaining is to stick to your guns. You have to be reasonable though, nobody likes an arrogant negotiator with way too many expectations.

Employees don’t leave Companies, They leave their leaders – How surveys can help retain your staff

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It may be hard to believe but people don’t quit their jobs for the sake of the money. A professional doesn’t just give up because he had a bad day at the office. The real reason behind a resignation is management. That’s correct; when people are not feeling comfortable at work and they constantly have to deal with the bossy attitude of a cocky manager, they leave. Being appreciated at the workplace is vital for people, and if employees are not getting that vibe from their leader, they won’t hesitate to walk out that door and never look back.

How office furniture design leads to better business

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If you run a business, you’re concerned with keeping your employees as focused, efficient, and productive as possible. The design of your office space can play a bigger in role in this than you may realize. Old design approaches had rows of cubicles, with workers all toiling away at their desks. When employees spend day after day in a maze of little cubicles, it’s easy to become demoralized. It also leads to wasting time looking for coworkers, trying to find a meeting room, or being distracted by the people chatting in the adjacent cubicle.