Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery, Before and After

Bruce Jenner recently underwent plastic surgery to finally correct a past face lift back in the 80’s. Jenner, the world renowned Decathlete from the 1976 Olympic Games (and of course all those Wheaties boxes), has been ridiculed for having the first face lift and nose job 25 years ago. Looking something like a cartoon version of the real Bruce Jenner people knew from his Olympic gold glory days, Jenner, like Michael Jackson, was hammered relentlessly for going under the knife in the first place. Jenner’s experience this time has been documented (or hyped) via the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Star Kim Kardashian set up the event via a teaser on the show some weeks ago, telling the audience; “Someone on the show is going under the knife.” As we all know by now, reality and Hollywood are mutually exclusive terms for the most part, and Jenner is no stranger to the superficial nature of the business.

I remember Bruce Jenner competing in the Olympics. He became an instant success after winning the gold medal for the decathlon, which back then pretty much labeled Jenner as the greatest athlete in the world. The fanfare, endorsements, and early on TV and media frenzie over Jenner, no doubt had their effect. Jenner was on the cover of every magazine, newspaper, on the breakfast table via the Wheaties box, and on TV about as much as anyone back then. So, seeing Jenner or his family talking to Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion, or co-starring in his family’s reality show, let alone grabbing some attention whenever he can, is not surprising at all – he was taught to do this before most stars of today were born.

As for the effectiveness of the surgery, and there has already been some “spin” on this aspect, Bruce does not look that bad for someone older than this writer. As for “splashing” his life all over the TV screen and capitalizing on even his own medical procedures? Well, I think Bruce departed the mythical ideology of Olympic competition a long time ago. It is sad in a way, to look at some of these figures from the past, continuing on a path fairly far removed from the ones which made them great. But then Hollywood has its charm I suppose. In an industry that is a masquerade in the first place, there is only room for superficial greatness any way. Bruce, his stepdaughter Kim, or anyone in the “out there” Kardashian family, will seldom be quizzed on astro-physics, or asked to run the 100 meter dash.

I only wish Jenner could finish at least as well as he started. Here is a video of Jenner at the 1976 Olympics.

Jenner’s role as papa to the Kardashian girls below, for me, seems a little beyond strange somehow. I guess have a step dad who knows has made a living out of turning one moment in time into a career. Jenner, though a celebrity, has somehow never really hit the big time compared to some of his contemporaries. But then, being part of the Kardashian family and the show is not exactly an apparent failure compared to some.

bruce jenner kardashian girls

Looking at Jenner in the past, and comparing his “new face”, it is easy to see why everyone was so shocked when he had the first surgeries, the guy was the “All American Boy” type without a doubt.

Bruce back when, and recently

Bruce back when, and recently

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