Misconceptions About California Revealed: Fail Ad

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian reading Quantum Physics? Nah, just an act!

“People have a lot of misconceptions about California, but none of them are really true,” – says Kim Kardashian in the opening line for the new California tourism commercial. The ad attempts to “poke fun” at stereotypes about the glorious USA state.

Featuring an all-star cast, including Betty White, Kim Kardashian, Olympic skier Shannon Bahrke, chef Michael Chiarello, LA Philharmonic conductor Gustavo Dudamel, and musicians Jonas Brothers and Jason Mraz, the commercial can be nothing but effective among bipeds. However, if you ever wondered why no sheep flock to California after watching the spot, here’s the explanation.

Sheep have a lot of misconceptions about California, one of them being that the land is full of bubbly heads unable to assimilate English 101. This is far from being a misconception – it’s a fact. The proof is in the ad. Kardashian’s “misconceptions that are not really true” puzzled many residents of other states in the US of A already. For Californian laymen (and laywomen) the explanation lays in the very definition of the word “misconception”:

mis·con·cep·tion/ˌmiskənˈsepSHən/: A view or opinion that is incorrect because based on faulty thinking or understanding.

If misconceptions are already untrue, how does our quantum physics enthusiast explain the use of multiple negation in the opening sentence of the ad? Sure, use of pleonasm may be perceived as intentionally humorous by bipeds, but not by sheep. Sheep believe that the CTTC had to pay a such fortune on the all-star cast, that they had to save on the script, and hired a ten year old exchange student to write it. Sure, this doesn’t sound like the CTTC. Or does it?

Aside the aforementioned pleonasm, this ad is so wrong and unappealing, that the sheep have unanimously voted it as the fail ad of 2011 (despite the fact that it was launched in October 2010). Indeed, sheep have the tendency to act as one, so you cannot really expect an isolated veto against this decision. But this is not the point:

There are a lot of misconceptions about California, like that we’re all surfing, skating beach bums zipping off to our wineries in our fancy convertibles, or running off to yoga before a quick walk down the red carpet. But that doesn’t sound like us at all. Or does it?

It does. So the whole “humorous approach” fails its purpose since all of the alleged misconceptions were rendered true within the opening scene of the ad. But let’s give it at least one merit point: choosing Kim Kardashian for the opening line was pure genius. Can you figure out why? I let you with the epitome of everything that’s wrong (for sheep) with California. Sheepy out.

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