Playing the Blame Game: Crisis Communications

crisis pr

By Kate Connors, Senior Account Manager & Social Media Strategist at Media & Communications Strategies It is hard to forget the media frenzy and public sympathy that occurred after it was revealed that Foxconn Technology Group had an alarming number of suicide attempts and tragic deaths amongst their Chinese workforce. But what was even harder […]

Revealed! 4 secrets of negotiations for powerful women


Is it true that women can’t bargain? As a matter of fact, women can master negotiations just as well as men. During a business meeting that involves negotiations, women don’t like to be antagonistic or importunate; they hate to intimidate an opponent because they don’t want to hurt feelings and create a hostile environment. Rather than […]

Ukraine Revokes Freedom of the Press for Americans?

What of Mercer University alumnist Alina Eprimian's speak?

Yesterday an American journalist working for Russian TV (RT) was deported from western Ukraine while covering new protests over Petro Poroshenko’s call to mobilize military there. Shelling civilian populations using US aid is nothing compared to abridging the very core of American ideals… the right to speak freely.

A Big Apple Travel Gem: The Great New York City Public Library

Ronn Torossian Sitting

In a city of 30 thousand dollar a year private schools, 800 dollar (or more) a week kids’ camps, and $15 an hour babysitters, the New York City Public Library system is such an amazing tool for parents – and NY’ers of all walks of life. It is a great, free, resource – and one which remains as awesome today as it was years ago.

Amid Massive Anti-Israel Protest US’s Obama Twists Israeli Arm, Finally

Obama world

And most stories in the mainstream today read something like Bloomberg/Businessweek’s; “Israel Holds Gaza Fire as Obama Seeks Full Combat Halt.” But my questions is; “Why not at 500 Palestinians dead?” Why, indeed. This is “way out” for an Israeli PM the world would now rather hate than love. Give us all a break Bloomberg.

Why Americans Don’t Matter to American Media or Politicians

Morning Newspaper by Georgie Pauwels

If Vladimir Putin is not Satan himself, how can so many newspapers and newsrooms claim he is? The man Americans trust as their president, and all of his men and women, why they say so too! So, Russia’s president has to be evil, he has to be responsible for everything bad on Earth, right?

Will Obama Answer to a Forgotten America?

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The Obama administration, the Neo-Cons, they’ve set the stage for “Russia to the rescue” in Europe. Maybe across the planet. The west’s plan to isolate Russia, is as likely to backfire setting American adrift in a sea of mistrust.

The Climate Change Imperative [by Richard Edelman]


I went to the home of Professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, last night for dinner. Sachs, a Harvard classmate (one of those people you identified at age 18 as having superior intellect), has taken a leadership role in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a coalition of academics, business and non-governmental organizations.

The Summer Job [by Richard Edelman]

Richard Edelman

Last night was the annual party for the interns at Edelman New York. As I do every year, I spend time with them, ask questions, listen, give advice when asked, avoid beer pong and other potentially hazardous activities and do my best to fit in.