Vemma® Makes a Big Switch!

Courtesy Vemma

In a surprising announcement, after nine successful years in the network marketing/MLM industry, Vemma CEO BK Boreyko made a bold change to the very foundation of the company he and his sisters founded by announcing Vemma’s big switch to an affiliate marketing model.

#COFFEESOFHOPE – A Charitable First, Thirsting for You

From the Classroom of Hope FB profile

Facebook campaigning and outreach is no new topic, but a charitable organization called Classroom of Hope has just reinvented FB fund-raising. With a goal of impacting poverty on a massive scale, Classroom of Hope launched a Facebook app all non-profits should emulate.

Videos Matter More Than Ever For Capturing Attention


Videos capture attention more than words…Prognosticators have long said video is the future of the Internet. Not only social media, but of all communication online. The place for video on the internet, and in the PR game, will continue to move toward the center of most impactful public relations campaigns . It is exciting, and highly alluring.

What do 5 Social Media Influencers have to say on Twitter?

Five Social Media Influencers

Twitter demands a unique way to communicate because of its character limit. Restricting the number of characters demands a tweet to be creative, informative, and present itself as “read-worthy”; especially given the sheer volume of other social media posts contending for attention. An interesting aspect about Twitter as a whole is the methods for retweeting. Twitter’s requires that one communicate agreement or disagreement with someone else’s content within the assigned character limits.

How to Use Pinterest When You’re Not a Visually Oriented Brand


Sure, Pinterest works for clothing brands and other retailers—but what about auto parts companies, repair shops, or metal fabrication brands? Are there ways that visually oriented Pinterest can be useful to non-visually oriented brands? To help answer those questions, let’s take a look at four ways to use Pinterest, even when what you sell falls […]

Get Response Marketing Adds Former eBay Executive


With the appointment of Stan Van Rensburg, GetResponse Email Marketing continues to position itself for expansion. Stan led the revamping of eBay’s UK motors department, where he formed a new sales team in a predominantly customer service environment.