Attorney Martin Russo Says Marketing & Law To Affect E-Cigs


E-cigarettes have been gaining more and more popularity as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, but they are facing more and more public relations opposition. The WHO is now calling for more regulations regarding e-cigs, and this will have a dramatic impact on the industry – expect laws and marketing to be affected. People have […]

5 ways PR can Increase your Non-Profit Success


Ronn Torossian believes that service is ingrained in our country’s DNA. That’s one of the reasons he founded the Ronn Torossian Foundation. Seeing volunteers step up and selflessly take on a huge challenge is exciting and inspiring, giving them an opportunity to make a difference together is an even bigger thrill. No matter what your […]

NY Times article puts Starbucks on Blast


If you ever doubted the power of the media to influence change in a major business, Ronn Torossian says you need to know about the recent tilt between Starbucks and the New York Times. Both contenders are legitimate titans, both in business and in the Big Apple. There’s a Starbucks on every corner (sometimes two) […]

Brutally Foolish PR Move Puts Hotel in Hot Water


It might end up being one of the most misguided PR mistakes of the year, and by now it’s likely you have heard about Union Street Guest House … but for all the wrong reasons. The hotel, located in a prime location on the Hudson River, decided it would be a stellar idea to actually […]

Why optimizing content for audiences trumps SERPs in 2014


Ultimately, SEO is having your website found in the search engines by people interested in your products or services. It’s a very profitable traffic source because most times there is much intent behind each search. As people caught on, they took SEO more seriously and began investing heavily in the channel.

How to Create a Better User Experience for Your Website

User experience

The age of digital marketing is now heading towards a better and advanced experience for the users. Having a positive user experience as one of your primary focuses could help you stand out among the rest of your competitors given that you’re able to satisfy the needs of your target audience, for websites, they are your visitors.

Zeta Interactive On The Ultimate Creative Advantage

David A. Steinberg

Big Data has been called many things: interesting, compelling, workable, complex, nuanced, overwhelming, helpful … many things. But, no matter what it’s called, the most important description of Big Data comes from how it is being used. Businesses who have implemented Big Data analysis correctly and simply, call it a great creative advantage.

Facebook Organic Reach at All Time Low

Facebook Pages organic reach at all time low.

Many Facebook business page managers noticed a significant decline in organic reach in the past few months. The situation is frustrating for business owners counting on Facebook to reach their consumers, but for Facebook, the focus seems to be more on the types of content that bring more value for the fans. Page managers are […]