General Electric dives into the Big Data marketplace


  G.E., since its inception, has always been an innovator. And for good reason, the company was founded by one of the world’s greatest innovators – Thomas Edison. And, from a market perspective, the only thing Edison understood better than innovation, was how to make money off those innovations. G.E. has been setting the bar […]

Are Google updates the SEOs friend?


When most of the SEOs I have spoken to think of a Google algorithm update it is about lost positions, angry clients and disavow files. “One minute you have a happy client who is showing up for all their converting terms and suddenly… BOOM”. Typically this will happen on a Friday at 4.30pm just before […]

Marketing Your Legal Company


Law firms and legal companies have the same problems as any business in finding new clients or customers. Using a variety of marketing strategies is an effective way to bring in new business. By following the best marketing practices, you will get the results that you want. When creating a marketing plan, you first need […]

Creating a Personal Brand in the Financial Industry


The importance of creating a personal brand for your company in the financial industry cannot be overstated. More than ever, people distrust big faceless corporations, and creating a unique personal brand can help overcome that. By creating a brand persona, you are in a sense creating a person that will make your clients and customers […]

A PR Pro’s Guide to Newsjacking


People see articles everywhere with titles such as five marketing lessons from the Asian games or four things eBay’s billion dollar payday can do to inspire B2B marketers. Uniquely crafted takes on a current event attract a reader to visit a company’s website to read more. These articles and others like them are part of […]

Gus Drakopoulos On Breastaurants walking a fine PR line

When Hooters debuted the chain back in the 1980s, the uproar and raised eyebrows were the best PR, the company could get. Now, the home of wings and little orange shorts are an international brand, and their success is beginning to spawn a plethora of copycats hoping to cash in. The common parlance for these […]

Unique IndieGoGo Campaign Set to Fund New Multicultural Division

Lynch Archer PR Entertainment recently launched an exciting IndieGoGo campaign with donation perks ranging from exclusive access to audience seating at popular TV show tapings to not-so-easy-to-come-by invitations to “Hollywood” red carpet events, Timed to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, the objective of the LAPR Latino two-week IndieGoGo campaign is to raise venture capital for […]

Hyper Targeted Advertising Prank Leads to Broader Conversation


Facebook’s advertising practices have sometimes come under scrutiny for being too targeted to their intended demographics and for collecting too much user information to craft the ads. A few months ago, 27 year old marketer Brian Swichkow played a prank on his roommate to prove a point about Facebook’s data collection practices and to help […]

Kirk Chewning on how to Use Social Media Effectively in the Finance Industry


Using social media platforms for business is a great idea for any professional. Making friends, spreading content and relaying industry information is a part of creating a fantastic network. Focusing on effective techniques that make social media worth your time and energy are what you need to make an impact. Here’s what Cane Bay Partners has […]