Do Yandex Signals Indicate Massive Move Into Mobile Search?

Putin and Arkady Volozh

Yandex, Russia’s Google competitor, has just bought classified car selling site for $175 million. But the bigger news is, Yandex may soon become what Google was to hundreds of millions of Internet users. With the ramping up of last year’s Yandex Islands (video), the gripping addition of “”Sibir” reverse image search tech, city guides, their Foursquare variant, and their massive lean toward E-Commerce and web search this month reveal another Russia challenge to western business as usual.

Superfast Wi-Fi Proven But Still Years Away

Huawei Wi-Fi image

Are you sick of WiFi buffering, logjams and slowdowns? Help is on its way, but not before 2018. The future of Wi-Fi isn’t just bright, it’s supercharged, and Chinese tech giant Huawei is leading the way. Huawei, who’s been looking for ways to increase data speeds since 2010, say they’ve been able to achieve Wi-Fi speeds that […]

Overcoming Slow WiFi Connections

Slow Wi-Fi

It’s 9:30 in the morning and I’m at home, working on a blog entry. I’m connected to the Internet through my home Wi-Fi network. I open a new browser window to do a search. And something just isn’t quite right. My results aren’t the same snappy, instantaneous results that I usually get. I reload. I […]

ING Vysya Bank, IBM Partner for Better Mobile Banking

IBM Mobile First

In mobile solutions news, ING Vysya Bank Ltd. has selected IBM MobileFirst solutions for developing their scalable and cost effective mobile banking app, ING Vysya Mobile. The mobile trend being obvious, leading companies in this vital B2B sphere are paving the way to a better experience, and toward breakneck technology innovations too.

How Often Do You Check Your Smartphone?

mobile shopping TheFind

Did you know that 1 out of 3 Spaniards cannot help checking their smartphone every 15 minutes? The statistic was revealed within a study conducted by “Phone House” – Europe’s largest independent chain of telecommunications. The study, conducted by the company on its Facebook fan page, points out that users tend to pay more attention […]

Microsoft Nokia Match Maybe Made in Heaven

Steve Ballmer - courtesy Dekuwa

The news Microsoft reached an agreement to acquire the handset and services business of Nokia is the latest and boldest effort so far by the company. The suggested $7.2 billion figure is a significant symbol that the world’s most famous software company understands mobile is its future too.