Charley Levine, Legendary Public Relations Pro, Passes Away


Rapper Shyne Says Charlie Levine Was Like A Father Legendary Israeli-American Public Relations pro, Charley Levine died on Sunday in Jerusalem, Israel at the age of 62.  Levine is survived by his wife, Shelly, a successful real estate broker, and three children.  May his family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion. Levine represented corporations, […]

The First 24 Hours of a Crisis Management Situation


THE FIRST 8 HOURS The first 8 hours are any corporate business crisis must focus on the implementation and formation of teams qualified individuals who can handle the problem. Making sure that everyone understands their individual role in the successful mitigation of damages is also essential to the development of a lasting strategy. Leadership must […]

Letting Your Career go to Pot


In the recent election, two more states and Washington D.C. legalized recreational marijuana. But it may still not be the right time to light up the pipe. Many once promising careers have been torpedoed by bad assumptions. In many cases, these assumptions boiled down to one single dumb idea: that, because something was “okay” on […]

Public Relations vs. Media Relations


Media relations and public relations are often terms used interchangeably. Contrary to popular belief, the two are not the same. Media relations accomplishes one goal, and public relations accomplishes another. Public Relations Public relations act of connecting and communicating with all the various publics that a business or organization may have formed a relationship. These […]