Why Twitter Should Be A NATO “No Fly Zone”

General Breedlove

The situation in Ukraine is the most dire breakage of world detentes since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the JFK administration. Since the fall of Soviet Russia, NATO has expanded relentlessly to virtually encircle Russia. Today, everyone from the US Secretary of State to the commanding generals of NATO and US forces seems hell bent […]

Ukraine: Defining Line for Political Liars

Kerry in Kiev

I went to bed last night more calm, having heard the news the US, the EU, and Russia had agreed to sort out Ukraine diplomatically. As if this weren’t the intentional from the start. This morning I logged into Facebook to see Secretary of State John Kerry beating the drums of antisemitism and war over allegations, rumors, and sheer lunacy. If America were ever in dire trouble, it’s this Good Friday, that’s for sure.

Are Americans Ready and Able to Pay for a NATO Ukraine?

G7 meetup

As Americans in particular, it’s not crucial for you to know “where” Ukraine is. Neither is it fundamental to your understanding to know the history of Ukraine, the Rus, nor the continual upheaval of this region through numerous wars. What’s essential for American presidents and all citizens to understand is the socioeconomic imbalance. The question of Ukraine is not one of; “Should we be there?” You as a citizen need to ask; “Can we afford to be there?”

Marketing and Why Wu-Tang is Only Releasing One Copy of Their New Album

Ronn Torossian

The Wu-Tang Clan recently made headlines by announcing it would only release a single copy of their new album, this from me, Ronn Torossian – CEO of 5WPR. Many people immediately started to wonder why in the world the group would do that, but it is actually a genius marketing ploy that is going to bring about all sorts of attention to the new album and most likely increase the number of individuals who obtain digital copies of the music. Of course, there are a few bits of information that need to be noted in order to truly understand why the group is doing this and what exactly it means.

A Fundamental Lack of Understanding [by Richard Edelman]

Richard Edelman lays down the law.

I awoke this morning in London to have a leisurely scan of the newspapers before breakfast with Michael Stewart, president & CEO of Edelman Europe & CIS. Little did I know that my blood would be boiling within the first three minutes. As a teaser on page one of Tuesday’s Financial Times (I was a day late in reading… my bad), then onto page 12 in the front section was an article by Emma Jacobs titled, “Free publicity with no PRs.

Germany the Latest Antagonist in Crimea Name Calling Spree

Vladimir Putin

If Germany ever needed a PR consult, the recent guffaw by German Finance Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble (at left) is ample proof, the time is now. Comparing Russia’s annexation of Crimea to Hitler’s usurping Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland in 1939 is so wrong on so many levels.

The Case for a Vladimir Putin Nobel Prize Win

Vladimir Putin

If ever there were an ironic moment in world news, Russian President Vladimir Putin being nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize is it. At the top of a record number of nominees on the list of Nobel candidates this, Putin may just be a symbol in the end, of how cream rises to the top. A villain to some, and a noble hero to others, there’s no question Vladimir Putin is the most powerful and influential man on Earth. But is he Nobel material?

What do 5 Social Media Influencers have to say on Twitter?

Five Social Media Influencers

Twitter demands a unique way to communicate because of its character limit. Restricting the number of characters demands a tweet to be creative, informative, and present itself as “read-worthy”; especially given the sheer volume of other social media posts contending for attention. An interesting aspect about Twitter as a whole is the methods for retweeting. Twitter’s requires that one communicate agreement or disagreement with someone else’s content within the assigned character limits.