NY Times article puts Starbucks on Blast


If you ever doubted the power of the media to influence change in a major business, Ronn Torossian says you need to know about the recent tilt between Starbucks and the New York Times. Both contenders are legitimate titans, both in business and in the Big Apple. There’s a Starbucks on every corner (sometimes two) […]

Why Americans Don’t Matter to American Media or Politicians

Morning Newspaper by Georgie Pauwels

If Vladimir Putin is not Satan himself, how can so many newspapers and newsrooms claim he is? The man Americans trust as their president, and all of his men and women, why they say so too! So, Russia’s president has to be evil, he has to be responsible for everything bad on Earth, right?

Will Obama Answer to a Forgotten America?

Thank you Julie for Lady Liberty solitude

The Obama administration, the Neo-Cons, they’ve set the stage for “Russia to the rescue” in Europe. Maybe across the planet. The west’s plan to isolate Russia, is as likely to backfire setting American adrift in a sea of mistrust.

The Climate Change Imperative [by Richard Edelman]


I went to the home of Professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, last night for dinner. Sachs, a Harvard classmate (one of those people you identified at age 18 as having superior intellect), has taken a leadership role in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a coalition of academics, business and non-governmental organizations.

PR in the Age of the Social Entrepreneur

Ronn Torossian

We used to call them philanthropists or just “generally good people,” but Ronn Torossian said there is another name entering the common lexicon for successful businesspeople who become social activists – the “social entrepreneur.”

The Summer Job [by Richard Edelman]

Richard Edelman

Last night was the annual party for the interns at Edelman New York. As I do every year, I spend time with them, ask questions, listen, give advice when asked, avoid beer pong and other potentially hazardous activities and do my best to fit in.

All Aboard: Next Stop the Real Europe


“Only behind closed doors … and even then only in whispers, bygone days may be over at last.” Today an upheaval is going on in Europe, for the first time in the 21st century, Europeans are willing to assume joint responsibility for foreign policy. And in Berlin today, no less.”