Good News from Russia: Volunteerism Still Works Best

Russian volunteers for flood victims

In the Russian Federation volunteers save lives and alleviate suffering every day. And among the most active and dedicated organizations there, the Civil Emergency Corps Volunteers (Гражданский Корпус Волонтеров при ЧС) work diligently every day helping others, helping Russia, helping the world.

Interview Exclusive: Bing Search’s Stefan Weitz

Bing's Stefan Weitz

When Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled Bing back in 2009, some of the world expected artificial intelligence (AI) to spring from their PC monitors, another segment was skeptical, still more reacted with total indifference. Stefan Weitz is ready to bring on the next search engine war.

Everything PR Exclusive: Rick Rudman of Vocus

Rick Rudman

Kicking off 2012 with a big positive, Everything PR News had the opportunity to talk with one of the online world’s most influential leaders. Rick Rudman heads up the web’s most successful online marketing and PR software company Vocus. We took the opportunity to once again consult another visionary talent about the “now” and the future of the social web.

Everything PR Exclusive: Jim Weiss of WCG

Jim Weiss CEO WCG

Everything PR News’ series interviewing the world’s top industry leaders continues today in a talk with Jim Weiss, Chairman & CEO of WCG, one of the world’s most influential communications agencies. We caught up with Jim some weeks ago, but maintained an ongoing dialogue to present this insightful Q & A. Weiss, a corporate communications legend of a sort, fielded questions about his agency and the “now” of digtial communications engagement.

The Experts Series: Everything PR & Kevin May of Tnooz

Kevin May

Continuing our focused series on industry leaders today, Everything PR News has the opportunity to talk recently with Kevin May, Editor and Co-Founder of Tnooz. In a world of expertness around every corner, there really is only one travel technology source for most people.

Exclusive: Speyside’s Ian Herbison on Latin America

Ian Herbison Speyside CEO

Last week, Everything PR News talked with Ian Herbison, CEO and Co-Founder of Speyside Corporate Relations, a leading agency focused now on the emerging markets of Latin America. For readers, this talk is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into not only one of the world’s leading corporate engagers, but an emerging Latin America.

Michael Kempner: Straight Talk in the Digital Age

Michael Kempner

We continue our talks today with another of communications’ thought leaders, Michael Kempner, CEO of MWW Group, one of America’s top 10 PR firms. Once again, Everything PR’s series uncovers key knowledge from another of the most successful public relations gurus, and still more insight into what it takes to be the best. Kempner sits […]

Ruder Finn’s Kathy Bloomgarden on Everything PR

Kathy Bloomgarden of Ruder Finn

Next up in our series of informal talks with industry leaders, Ruder Finn’s CEO Dr. Kathy Bloomgarden talked with Everything PR News about her agency, values, and the future of PR. We caught up with Kathy at RF offices in Switzerland late last week. Our discussion was aimed at giving readers some inkling of the quality of excellence ingrained in highly successful companies like Ruder Finn, and especially in leaders of such companies.