PR tips to Making it Work in the World of Fashion


Fashion is a notoriously fickle industry. But like anything else, to be successful, you need to be noticed, appreciated, and understood. Or at least talked about incessantly. How can your business get an edge? Particularly when you are trying to break into the market. Success can – and often does – come down to adequate […]

How to Market Web Apps Online


With more than 1 billion websites that are online every day, it is difficult to get the attention from people whom you want to market your product, especially if you’re still starting to grow your brand from scratch. In the tech industry, there are already existing websites that are dominating the web in providing great […]

Predicting Ebola and 3 Other Ways Big Data Is Changing The World

It’s a lot of geek speak.  Data mining. Analytics. Information Processing. All of these comprise what techs call “Big Data,” and it’s the method which businesses analyze massive amounts of data to make better decisions.  The data has always been out there, but now that it can be collected and analyzed at lightning speed, the […]

MediaLink Aiding Unilever in Digital Revamp

Unilever hunt

Unilever, the London based consumer goods giant, is now in a hunt for new digital representation. In what appears to be an almost total revamp of the company’s global digital effort, global strategy consult MediaLink will assist in the search.

The Summer Job [by Richard Edelman]

Richard Edelman

Last night was the annual party for the interns at Edelman New York. As I do every year, I spend time with them, ask questions, listen, give advice when asked, avoid beer pong and other potentially hazardous activities and do my best to fit in.

The 2014 Academic Summit [by Richard Edelman]

Richard Edelman speaks

Edelman hosted its sixth Academic Summit last week at DePaul University in Chicago. We had over 80 professors of communications, marketing and public relations for a three day event. Many of our clients, including HP, GE, Starbucks, SC Johnson, Samsung, Darden, Gap, CVS Caremark, DMI, ConAgra and Mars, spoke to the academics.

5 Points that can help strengthen your negotiation techniques


Being able to negotiate well is important for your career, and can make a difference in what jobs, promotions, and income levels you attain. If you are a sales person or entrepreneur, then you may be involved in negotiations every day, dealing with client needs and people in your own organization.