Do Yandex Signals Indicate Massive Move Into Mobile Search?

Putin and Arkady Volozh

Yandex, Russia’s Google competitor, has just bought classified car selling site for $175 million. But the bigger news is, Yandex may soon become what Google was to hundreds of millions of Internet users. With the ramping up of last year’s Yandex Islands (video), the gripping addition of “”Sibir” reverse image search tech, city guides, their Foursquare variant, and their massive lean toward E-Commerce and web search this month reveal another Russia challenge to western business as usual.

Military E-Learning and Smart Devices – Militarizing Smart Comms?

Michael McCarthy

In a bit of interesting smart technology news, Defense IQ is about to hold their inaugural Military E-Learning & Smart Devices Conference. Representatives from the US, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Serbia are slated to attend.

Focused on the militarization of smart devices, apps and the cloud, Defense IQ’s first conference will deal with just how these technologies can be applied to training military personnel for e-learning and simulation in Europe.

Microsoft and Bing Leverage OEM Packaging


For people buying low costs computers and other devices, the news Microsoft will be making Windows 8.1 with Bing could boost that search engine’s prowess. While users can change the default search engine, shipping the new PCs with Bing as the default is sure to garner the Google competitor some more adopters.

Zeta Interactive on Big Data

Zeta Interactive

While it’s true that nothing is absolutely foolproof, and certainly impregnable – after all, people really did escape from Alcatraz – there are many steps you can take to maximize security and minimize potential risks. One way is to follow the series of steps you have seen recently at tech sites like CNET and consumer sites such as Mashable.

Tesla Commits to Further Expansion in Europe

Model S

To satisfy their growing customer base in Europe, Tesla has just announced they’ll open more than 30 new service centers and stores across the continent. Tesla will also continue to expand their Supercharger network so that Model S drivers can cross Europe worry free. Retail, service, and Supercharger are being announced just as Tesla expansions express their commitment to Europe, according to the news.

HTC Wins Best Smartphone at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona


Barcelona, Spain – February 25, 2014 — HTC’s flagship device of 2013, the HTC One®, was today presented with the Global Mobile Award for Best Smartphone, reinforcing the company’s unrivalled design and innovation leadership. Voted for by a panel of more than 175 independent industry experts, drawn from the media and analyst communities, the award […]