Christina Aguilera Apologizes for US National Anthem Gaffe

It’s not that she’s the first performer in history to forget the lines of the US national anthem, but Christina Aguilera had the misfortune to be this year’s focus of attention. Her performance at the Super Bowl XLV was labeled by many as “embarrassing.”

The fact that she didn’t know the right lyrics triggered a social media storm, which criticized the artist, calling her names, and labeling her as a mediocre performer. The few voices defeating Aguilera were literally silenced by the storm of criticism.

In Aguilera’s defense, her voice did honor the anthem, although the performance seemed a bit over the top at times. The singer was a bit more preoccupied with the artistic arabesques of the voice, stretching a note here and there … “for show.”

“There are many groups, military, collegiate, etc. Who will sing the anthem properly. We do not need to listen to mediocre singers, changing the rythmn or the melody (often because they are unable to reach the high notes or keep time), trying to be “cute.” I am offended by self-serving butchering of the anthem. Can we please stop choosing “pop” performers who can’t sing.” said a Washington Post reader in a comment. And another followed: I think it was no big deal about messing up the lyrics, but when did it become okay to sing the national anthem like its a love song? Call me old fashioned, but shouldn’t singing the national anthem be less about the singer and more about the song?

Yes, there are many people who indeed can sing the anthem properly, but would their performance translate into a million dollar show? Hardly. The public wants to see Grammy Awarded singers and the public reaction to their gaffes only goes to show how much America loves its values. Yes, the national anthem is still more important than the performer, and it will always be. God bless America!

Maybe Aguilera did take the lines from Wikipedia, where according to some reports, the version she sang was published. But what’s more important, is that the artist came through with an apology:

“I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”


  1. says

    The Daily Mail, who first ran the lyrics story, got it factually incorrect – they misread the editing history timeline – Christina Aguilera got the lyrics wrong, then a vandal added her version to the article (and it was quickly reverted). Check the article history yourself and you’ll see.

  2. says

    Chris, I did not criticize her at for the honest mistake. But you know how you avoid bending your wings usually? You remember where you are, and what brought you there. ;)

  3. Chris Taus says

    Being a professional at something does not mean one doesn’t make mistakes. It happens. She is not perfect. She was not on her “A” game. I guess actors never flub their lines because they’re “professionals.” I guess athletes never drop the ball because they’re “professionals.” Those of you who are acting as though her mistake is the most heinous thing you’ve ever heard, are obviously angels. Please let me know how you avoid bending your wings.

  4. says

    Maybe if she was more focused on the words and not adding all her ooos and ahhhhs and riffs and what not she would have gotten it right! I’m not a fan of christina ever, this is no exception. Big thumbs down!

  5. says

    To be quite honest, I didn’t even notice. For many in this country, American nationalism is their religion, and the Super Bowl is a holy day. It’s not surprising that they would get upset over such a mistake, but just like when people get offended over other religious or political symbols, there are many more important issues that should warrant their attention.

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