Chromecast Sold Out at Amazon, Google Play and Best Buy

Google released its HDMI TV plugin at a media event yesterday, attempting to challenge a market currently dominated by Apple TV, and Roku. Priced at only $35, this is the cheapest video content streaming option to date.


Chromecast is a remote free solution, which works with existing devices including Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Chrome for Mac and Chrome for Windows. By enabling users to stream content from Apple devices onto Chromecast, the company is already challenging its main competitor in the field, threatening its sales:

“If the Chromecast ends up receiving media from millions of Apple devices via Chrome browsers, that could potentially dent sales at Apple’s iTunes Store,” Justin Bachman of Businessweek reported.

Chromecast already streams content from Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and Chrome, and will continue to update to bring in content from numerous other apps, according to Google.

The product is simple, and cheap enough to challenge, and take over an important size of Apple TV’s market share. And it already sells like cupcakes. In theory, it is available to buy at Google Play, Amazon and Best Buy. But at Amazon the product is already out of stock, and Google Play and Best Buy are accepting orders, but they sold out the existing stock too. When the sales numbers come in, expect even more media frenzy around this little device.

Many shoppers wonder whether Chromecast would replace Apple TV, PS3, Xbox, or Blu-rays in the near future. The answer is yes, although not in its current setup. Right now, Chromecast is limited, but it’s a Google product, most likely to get better and better as the company gains more users.

As far as Roku is concerned, TNW author Ken Yeung already reported unplugging his device when using Chromecast:

In fact, when installing the Chromecast, I unplugged my Roku, seeing that it would be a better experience with the Google device.

Although it has some limitations, as any new device, Chromecast shows immense potential. Almost everything you can watch in the Chrome browser will work, and Google promises to add other services, like Pandora, in the near future.

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