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Crossroads Public Relations Marketing

Clinipace has selected Crossroads Public Relations as their PR agency, as announced earlier today. The digital clinical research organization is looking to promote public awareness of their services and clinical trial technology.

Crossroads was a natural choice for Clinipace since the PR agency has extensive experience and is already established in the healthcare and pharma industries. Not only do they bring that experience to the table, they also have useful contacts in the industries.

“Crossroads is the perfect agency given our stage of growth. We turned to them to help us be more aggressive with our PR initiatives,” said Dave Levin, vice president of marketing, Clinipace. “As an agency, they have the industry experience and established relationships with top-tier media that will drive our value and message to the marketplace.”

With the aid of Crossroads Public Relations, Clinipace will be able to get their services and technology in front of more clients who can use them. The PR firm will be using a number of media strategies to do just that, using their know how and connections in the healthcare industry to reach potential customers, namely companies producing medical devices, biopharmaceutical and academic research institutions.

They intend to use strategies that intermix both old school media marketing and the more recent, Web 2.0 marketing online.

Crossroads provides public relations services to a wide range of industries, not just healthcare. They have also worked with clients in areas such as telecommunications, digital media, business, software and open source.

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