Cyber Monday Stats Are In, Predictions of Greater Holiday Sales to Come

As many retailers expected, Cyber Monday obliterated predictions that the shopping day was loosing momentum, recording a 17% increase in revenue, compared to 2011. comScore reports that Cyber Monday reached $1.465 billion in online spending, versus $1,251 in 2011. Despite negative predictions, even Black Friday 2012 outperformed Black Friday 2011, by 28%. Still, Cyber Monday outperformed Black Friday, and is not ranked as the heaviest U.S. online spending day in history.

2012 Holiday Season To Date vs. Corresponding Days* in 2011
Non-Travel (Retail) Spending
Excludes Auctions and Large Corporate Purchases
Total U.S. – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore, Inc.



Millions ($)
2011 2012 Percent Change
November 1 – 26 $14,114 $16,378 16%
Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22) $479 $633 32%
Black Friday (Nov. 23) $816 $1,042 28%
Weekend (Nov. 24-25) $1,031 $1,187 15%
Cyber Monday (Nov. 26) $1,251 $1,465 17%

*Corresponding days based on corresponding shopping days (November 3 thru November 28, 2011)

According to comScore, the spending trend is indicative of even greater things to come. But the trend was fueled by some changes in retailer behavior, for example, earlier opening times on Black Friday:

“Despite some news reports suggesting that Cyber Monday might be declining in importance, the day has once again set an online spending record at nearly $1.5 billion,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni. “However, it is also clear that the holiday promotional period has begun even earlier this year, with strong online sales occurring on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Now, we shall see the extent to which continuing and attractive retailer promotions are able to boost sales for the remainder of the week.”

Drawing on this data, as well as analytics by Experian Hitwise and IBM, which showed that online sales increased 30.3 percent over 2011, experts predict a good sales season for Christmas shopping, and an even better 2013.

The infographic below, by IBM, shows other interesting trends this year. Among them, mobile shopping increased 70% in 2012 over 2011. On Cyber Monday more than 18 percent of consumers used a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site, an increase of more than 70 percent over 2011. Mobile sales reached close to 13 percent, an increase of more than 96 percent over 2011.

IBM cyber monday infographic Cyber Monday Stats Are In, Predictions of Greater Holiday Sales to Come

Cyber Monday 2012 Compared to Cyber Monday 2011:

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