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The Republik, an employee owned ad agency, has been named agency of record for Dixie Bones, a popular barbeque “institution”. The agency will be the first for Dixie Bones, which had been using local ad agencies on a per campaign basis up until now. The two companies seem made for each other, with their unique outlook on the world of marketing and publicity.

“Dixie Bones didn’t get where it is by following any mass marketing rules, and it seems to me The Republik doesn’t either. I’m looking for that crazy stuff [viral marketing] like they did for Triumph Boats.” says Nelson Head, founder and chairman of Dixie Bones.

It would seem that their client shares their sentiment. Says strategic ops Dwayne Fry, “You love it when a client like this comes along. We showed them our kind of viral, ‘pull’ concepts—designed to convert customers into brand media—and they didn’t ask ‘why?’. They asked ‘how?’.”

The Republik will be working on coming up wth an expansion formula to help the popular eaterie become more popular and expand into other areas. They will then executing a strong promotional strategy that includes social media marketing tactics, SEO and website development to help the company boost their public image.

Dixie Bones has been serving barbeque for over 125 years and has become a Southern tradition . . . in Washington, DC. The restaurant hopes to continue its success by expanding and providing the best slow cooked food possible to its customers.

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