Clearing the Clouds of Doing Business in the Cloud

Business in the cloudIn the cloud. You’ve heard the term used 100 times, maybe more. Cloud computing, cloud servers, business in the cloud, and so on, for small businesses the benefits of utilizing remote technologies seem clear. While there are a great number of disadvantages, hosting data and services up in the digital clouds is ever more enticing now, with something on the order of $150 plus billion will take advantage by 2013.

The biggest hurdles for most businesses considering cloud solutions, security and reliability concerns, are fairly quickly being addressed and overcome. Meanwhile, for the average small business IT expert, not adopting the technological and efficiency advantage is less about trust, and more about no clear definition of just what “cloud computing” is, let alone what benefits can be gleaned from utilizing it.

The infographic below goes a long way toward simplifying just what doing some or all of your business in the cloud can accomplish.

Created by GlowHost

SAS, Security, mobility, backups, flexibility, or confusion, all the pluses and minuses bear on whether or not your business will thrive or not online. One thing is certain, contingency planning is a crucial element no matter where your servers and services are. Let us know your views on moving into the cloud. For more reading on the subject, we recommend this Focus article, or even over at TechCrunch.

Top image courtesy © T. L. Furrer – Info graphic courtesy GlowHost and this post.

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