EcoGreenHotel Joins Forces with Winters Advertising

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Winters Advertising & Public Relations,has made a strategic move this week by teaming up with EcoGreenHotel. The public relations firm is experienced in the area of marketing hotels and accommodations and now looks forward to teaming up with EcoGreenHotel to boost both companies´ client base and presence as a green company.

EcoGreenHotel is a company that provides ecologically sound services to the hospitality industry. The firm examines existing hotels and other lodgings, then creates and puts into practice green policies that are tailored to the hotel itself.

“Design and implementation of an effective and meaningful sustainability plan improves not only the environment, but also a property’s bottom line. It is in a hotel’s best interest to effectively communicate that commitment to all stakeholders. Partnering with Winters gives us the ability to create and implement an effective marketing communications strategy to accomplish that goal.” says Scott Parisi, president of EcoGreen Hotel.

The two companies are offering a one-stop shop for the lodging industry. Whether a hotel chain is looking for marketing advice, media relations aid or needs a sustainablility plan, everything is available in one place. The ease of finding all services at a single spot should appeal to busy hotel owners who simply don´t have the time to deal with a large number of businesses to get everything done.

“Letting all stakeholders – investors, corporate clients, consumers, employees and vendors – know about your sustainability strategy is just as important as setting and implementing that strategy in the first place,” said Janet Winters, Principal at Winters Advertising & Public Relations. And that is precisely what Winters will do with the sustainability strategies implemented by EcoGreenHotel.

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