Edelman vs. MWW: Twitter Showdown

Richard Edelman vs Michael Kempner

Last weekend we launched a new and fun series of showdowns between the world’s biggest and best PR companies. Starting off with APCO Worldwide losing a close Twitter comparative with Waggener Edstrom, it’s only right and fair we pit powerhouse Edelman against Michael Kempner’s mega influential MWW Group this Sunday.

Everybody talks a lot about their digital prowess and their part in the so called conversation, with this series we get the ball rolling finding out who’s the communications champ. Here our week two PR superpowers pitted against one another, scroll to article’s end for the play by play and to find out about a new term we coined. Ask yourself later; “What’s my company’s ROT?”

Follow – Edelman has the edge where numbers of followers are concerned. Quadrupling MWW’s number nearly, the almost 20,000 Twitter pals of Edelman seal this category of the challenge.

Listening Post – MWW takes the follow ratio category with a 3:1 ratio over Edelman’s 10:1.

Now that you mention it: – Here again MWW edges Edelman in gaining MT’s at a slightly higher rate of return on Tweet investment. Is that a new coinage? ROT LOL.

Timing is nearly everything – Here MWW and Edelman are pretty much neck and neck again, however the Edelman crew seems to be on a stringent schedule that starts precisely at 11 AM on Mondays? MWW, on the other hand, seems to Tweet just about anytime.

Who won? In a bit of a surprise upset here, MWW gets the split decision over Edelman on the strength of their overall Tweeting.

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  1. Mihaela Butler says

    I love these infographics – they may be a bit playful but if you know how to look at them, they offer great insight.

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