Top Democrat Public Relations Firm CEO’s

democratic public relations companies

There is an old saying that warns against discussing politics or religion with people you don’t know well. Yea, well, we’re ignoring that rule right now. For the common man or woman, your political affiliation or contributions probably won’t be plastered all over the Internet. Many CEOs also do their best to keep that private. […]

Fire David Blatt! Cavaliers Coach Needs To Go

Blatt Needs To Go

In the NBA, as in many other major league sports, superstar players hold a great deal of influence. It is especially true when the player happens to be considered almost as gifted in his intellectual and strategic abilities associated with basketball as he is for his athletic prowess. So when you’ve got such a player […]

Texas PR: Agencies That Matter

texas pr firms

Getting to be known as the top PR firm in your state is a major feather in your cap. It means you can handle everything that is related to public relations, and that can be quite a lot. It means you are on top of every situation, and it often means you are pulling in […]

Public Relations & Athletes Marketability

athletes marketibility everything-pr

The more positive press an athlete receives, the more likely he is to be offered endorsement deals. What does that translate to? Well at the extreme high end you have Michael Jordan who has not even participated in his sport of choice for several years and in 2014 earned an estimated $45 million in endorsement […]

Top Programs for a Degree in Public Relations

best school for pr degree

There are many great colleges and university that offer a public relations major, but we’ve chosen three that typify the best of the best. Students getting a degree in public relations (PR) learn marketable skills multimedia, print, and visual communications. Courses also teach them how to interact with the general public and media outlets while […]

Worst Companies to do PR For

Worst Companies to do PR for

Public relations crises and scandals are and will remain plentiful. Let’s review which major companies are the worst to fear in 2015’s world of PR. Sony Pictures  Don’t think that the fallout from hacked emails of Sony Pictures is over and buried from further revelation. Former co-chair Amy Pascal’s scandalous emails are not limited to […]

Four Of The Hottest Women In Public Relations

Four Of The Hottest Women In Public

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up over 63 percent of public relations or communications specialists in the United States – and maybe its even higher than that. These women are attractive – and shaping media messages. Attractive and damn smart. In no particular order, here is our top four hottest women […]

Best Companies to do PR For

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Reputation Institute, a private consulting firm, conducts online interviews annually, asking people for their thoughts about the nation’s largest (by annual revenue) 150 companies’ products and services, citizenship, workplace, financial performance, governance, innovation, and leadership. Each company gets a score from 0 to 100 according to the responses received, then they rank the companies. The […]