Management Styles: When to use each Approach for best Results

management styles

While everyone has a proven and prioritized management style, no single style will work for every situation and every employee. Understanding your options and knowing which style to use in which situation will make the difference between getting the same – or worse – results and attaining the best possible outcome in every situation. Participative […]

New York Jewish Forward Continues New Israel Fund Extremism

new israel fund

The Jewish Daily Forward has long been criticized for a far-left wing agenda – including certain commentators who have claimed that their position is simply Anti-Israel. Many have condemned the paper for Anti-Orthodox diatribes – Perhaps these viewpoints are a continuation of their socialist history. In line with their ideology, Michael Sarid was named the […]

America Matters by Dr. Gil Lederman

america gil lederman

There’s no question, it’s been a rough couple of years for General Motors. But, two recent showings at the Detroit Auto Show could signal a new direction for GM public relations … and public sentiment. First, GM unveiled its “New and Improved” Chevrolet Volt. This next generation of GM’s signature plug-in hybrid vehicle received less […]

A Look Inside the Agency: 5WPR


Check out this lively and informative video from NYC agency, 5W Public Relations, giving an inside look at the agency and providing interviews with senior leadership. Who is 5W Public Relations? The answer is in this video. Highlighting the agency’s creative approach to public relations and including a breakdown of the various departments within 5WPR, the […]

Famed Street Artist- Mr Brainwash – Home Address Revealed

mr brainswash house

- Latest Property in which Mr. Brainwash has purchased (417 N. Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles, California) – As reported by the NY Observer, it turns out that famed street artist – Mr Brainwash – is actually a real estate mogul in Los Angeles. Thierry Guetta, gained international fame while starring in the film ‘Exit Through […]

Can Keurig win big this Christmas by Jonah Engler


Recently, social media has been awash with a handful of shared blog entries with people vowing to give up their Keurig and go back to the big pot. Nobody, to date, is talking about giving up coffee altogether – perish the thought! But Jonah Engler, an avid coffee drinker says this latest social media share […]

Uber Is Breaking The Law To The Tune of $40 Billion Dollars

uber breaking law

Like many entrepreneurs, I began my business 12 years ago with nothing more than 300 square feet and a dream.  Today, I employ more than 120 people in a fast-growing PR Agency, but it certainly did not happen easily, and I have been  forced to understand and rise above the many challenges of building a […]

Walmart, Wages, and the War for Public Perception


The larger you are, the more public you serve. The more public you serve, the more vital your PR presence. Given that dynamic, Ronn Torossian says it’s no wonder Walmart’s PR team is overtaxed 24-7. But even for a company always in the crosshairs of public debate, holiday shopping season presents a greater opportunity for […]

Zeta Interactive Says Big Data Works Fast after Black Friday


Notice anything different about your social media news feed and online advertising since Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, if you shopped for anything online this past week or two but didn’t buy, you can expect to see it reflected back at you for the immediate future. Shop for a fire pit this holiday? Expect […]

Greater New York Taxi Association Letter On Taxi Medallion Prices


Says NYC TLC Has “Misled Everyone” And Made “Fraudulent Representations” Everything PR has obtained the following letter and is reprinting it in its entirety Dear Commissioners: In a front page article today, entitled “Taxi Apps Cut Market Value of Medallions”, the New York Times reported that the market value of medallions has fallen dramatically in the […]