Facebook Adds Listen Button To Musicians’ Pages

Facebook launched the Listen button on all musicians’ pages today, consolidating its partnership with representatives of this entertainment segment. The new button is placed next to the Like button and users will be invited to launch Spotify, or first register if they don’t already have an account. This type of integration takes things one step closer to Spotify being the de facto music service for Facebook.

For a subscription of $9.99, any user can listen to their favorite music on almost any platform he or she chooses using Spotify. As users already noticed, many YouTube videos are no longer available (“viewable”) from the network. Only a limited number are can still be played. Thus Facebook is partially replacing a service YouTube previously offered.

Adding this Listen button is a smart move for Facebook, as many musicians and bands are present on the network and have many fans and interactions online. It is only logical to offer your users a way to easily listen to the music of their favorite singers. Of course, the fact that one needs to create an account and than log-in on a different service could be interpreted as a downside. Moreover, YouTube videos were free to listen and watch, while playing songs on Spotify involves a paid subscription.

Spotify acts like a music library, a collection of songs to suit every taste. Once you choose songs, you can place them in lists and listen to them as often as you like. Spotify is available for PC, Mac, home audio systems and mobile phones. It is somewhat similar to an older online service some might still remember blip.fm, which could be integrated with a Twitter account. The unfortunate part for blip.fm was that the music was from YouTube.com and therefore each time a song was removed from that source, users would get an error message and skip the song.

Spotify has recently launched an embeddable play button which allows users to drop a song in a blog post or on a website, and Facebook is a great place to share something!

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