FlatRate Moving: Genius Marketers

FlatRate Moving: Genius Marketers

For over 25 years, FlatRate Moving has been running high-caliber moves for people all around the world. Be it local or long distance, urgent or gradual, each move under FlatRate’s care s a straightforward and well-planned task. From top to bottom, Flatrate excels in getting your goods where they need to go and when they […]

Pfizer drops the cost of vaccine to charities

pfizer public relations

It’s been a rough year for Big Pharma. You know all the stories, huge drug price hikes, exclusions, rate increases on prescription drugs … endless headlines turning the public image of the average drug company into some kind of Mad Max post-apocalyptic wasteland. One drug company appears tired of taking it on the chin. Pfizer […]

Profile of PR Firm W2O Group

Profile of PR Firm W2O Group

Based in San Francisco, California, though they also have 10 additional offices globally including New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Boston, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, London, and Basel Switzerland, W2O Group is a holding company operating three communications and marketing firms – Brewlife, WCG, and Twist Mktg. The original firm name was WeissComm Partners, founded […]

SeaWorld continues to flounder

SeaWorld Can’t Seem to Recover

Financially, the numbers at SeaWorld theme parks continue to fall. Attendance really hasn’t picked up much either. This has led to a recent announcement that the company will be eliminating more than 300 jobs across 12 parks nationwide, as well as its corporate headquarters in Orlando. The company says this will be a combination of […]

Careers at Edelman PR

Edelman PR

Edelman’s is the largest privately-held PR firm in the world, employing approximately 6,000 people, in 65+ offices spread over 26 countries. That being the case, there’s always new jobs on offer and transitions happening among the staff. Here are some of the current jobs available, recent hires, and promotions at Edelman (and their affiliates).

Astronaut John Glenn receives a hero’s sendoff

Astronaut John Glenn receives a hero's sendoff

American hero astronaut John Glenn died last week at the age of 95, after a life that almost defies explanation. One of the first men into space, Glenn, a United States Marine pilot, became a national hero when he became the first American to orbit the earth. Later, as a sitting senator at the age […]