FreeWheel Video Ad Management Platform Enhanced with TV-comparable Metrics

Nielsen and FreeWheel recently signed an agreement that will enhance campaign measurement for FreeWheel’s video ad management platform with TV-comparable metrics. The company will integrate Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, offering customers better campaign measurement, which includes forecast, traffic and audience reach.


The enhanced measurement platform will allow FreeWheel media clients to initiate campaign measurement and tag their ads faster. Standard Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings including reach, frequency and gross rating point (GRP) metrics as well as demographics such as age and gender reports will also be delivered directly to the FreeWheel UI.

“Working with Nielsen allows our clients to measure and monetize their TV audiences wherever people choose to access their content,” explained FreeWheel co-CEO and co-Founder Doug Knopper.

Aside automated tagging and reporting, the integration of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings gives FreeWheel clients tools that enable them to forecast the on-target campaign delivery of their premium digital video. The solution is called Ratings-Based Planning and it will be integrated directly into FreeWheel clients’ existing workflow, easing cross-screen inventory allocation, measurement, and monetization just in time for the launch of the fall TV season.


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