Google + Pages: Are Other Networks Becoming Obsolete?

Okay, I am biased, but. We started creating our G + corporate pages this morning, and first off, the ease and rapid utility of this variant impressed. And too, the ability to switch in between personal accounts and the corporate one(s) – well, CoTweet, Twitter, and about 10,000 other platforms may have been rendered useless. Google + Pages is an extraordinary addition, one that appears to live up to the anticipation.

gplus Google + Pages: Are Other Networks Becoming Obsolete?

Minimalism does not mean over-simplicity, as Google has shown before

In all honesty, Google has really done it this time. Talk about opening up the door. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, no online platform anyone on our team has ever covered has been this smooth. I just had to come and offer a blurb about it – but, now find myself in “kid” mode, wanting to go back and take over the Internet with my superhuman marketing and tech skills. Okay, maybe just build the page and network, and see if  I can.

But before I do, check out some screens and description so far for Pamil Visions PR. BTW, creating this account took me about 2 minutes. Wow, is all I can say. And the tools are superb. More later on that. (can you detect my excitement?) I at first thought Google would buy Yahoo! Now it seems clear our somewhat omnipotent friends may not take any prisoners.

Google plus Google + Pages: Are Other Networks Becoming Obsolete?

Pamil Visions PR G + created in about 2 minutes - unbelievable fluidity, really

Spread the word, VIPs, Customers, a categorization that makes Facebook look like a junkyard, depth of field and connects possibilities parsecs past Twitter, Google + Pages almost amazing (I say almost only in trying to be impartial). Let’s just put it this way, with this tool the Internet may not be safe for our competitors.  That is, unless they are super smart and spend 16 hours a day times two on the web too. We will be testing this Google addition all this week for a better in depth look next week. Meanwhile, Muahahaha! So much for my first impression, what’s yours?

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