Guest blogging – blog promotion strategy finally getting the tools it needs

When it comes to promoting a blog or a website, there are few methods equally or more effective than guest blogging. This way of sharing yourself and your writing with the world has all the perks – you reach out to a new crowd, the blog owner hosting your entry vouches for you, as they would not publish just anything, and you get a backlink, and not just any link, not the one in an overpopulated blogroll, but one in a single post. In short, you get more exposure and more traffic coming your way. How you turn it into return visitors to your own blog or site or into potential customers is up to you.

There is a certain art behind guest blogging. You cannot go for just any site. Most people go for blogs in their field or in related fields, with more readers or just different readers than those already visiting their site. If that new crowd likes your post, chances are they will visit your own blog and stick around as well.

With guest blogging spreading around the blogosphere as more authors started to realize its great benefits, a need was created for this strategy to be aided. It started with tips and tricks and success stories that we’ve all seen on the Internet. Blog authors have started publishing dedicated pages for guest blogging, inviting new authors in. But it’s now moving past advice and a new tool to help those welcoming guest bloggers and those looking for a new outlet get in touch easier has been launched: My Blog Guest.

The process is simple and straightforward. Blog authors looking for new perspectives being presented to their readers sing up and tell the world they welcome guests. Those wanting to publish guest post browse the available sites and when they find one they like, they contact the author, letting them know of their intentions and sending some work samples (which can basically be a link to their own blog or other guest posts). Sounds simple and practical, doesn’t it?

The woman behind My Blog Guest is Ann Smarty, a name all those familiar with social media and blogging will recognize. She is an editor and blogger at Search Engine Journal, she also writes for, is part of the BlueGlass team and owns All this recommends her as a person who understands blogging and blog promotion and to my mind vouches for the quality of My Blog Guest.

We however do plan to get behind the scene and let you know how My Blog Guest performs. Stay tuned as Everything PR will soon publish an in depth review of the service and an interview with Ann Smarty!

Have you used guest blogging to promote your own website or blog? Have you accepted offers from authors looking to publish guest blogs? How has it worked in your case?


  1. says

    Hi Wayne, glad our article has helped you find a service you needed. Let us know how it works in your case.

    Ann, thanks for stopping by. I intennd to publish an in-depth analysis after testing MyBlogGuest :)

  2. says

    Thank you so much for checking out MyBlogGuest, Alina. I will be looking forward to your feedback on how it worked out for you!

  3. Wayne Howard says

    I have been looking to get into doing guest posts. I think I will try out this service. Thanks!

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