In Danica Patrick’s New Shoes

Courtesy Danica's Facebook

Courtesy Danica’s Facebook

A lot of women would like to be in race driver Danica Patrick’s shoes, and at the rate the guys of racing are gifting her designer pumps, she’s soon have enough for everyone.

Last month the world’s most famous gal NASCAR star got Jimmy Choo heels from New Hampshire Motor Speedway owner Bruton Smith. Back in 2010 Patrick got Yves Saint Laurent platforms, and race driver boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. helped foster the trend with boots no less. Now if this isn’t novel PR and publicity, we don’t know what is. I mean nobody ever heard of Richard Petty or Fireball Roberts footwear. Only a pretty pinup who can drive could squeeze such spiffy spins from the tire rubber and motor oil set.

Seriously though, Patrick’s been taking a lot of flack for not winning the pole position every time out (note tongue in cheek). At the Bristol Motor Speedway the designer wearing race car girl reportedly took a beer to the grill of her number 10 ride from some booing fan. At least ESPNW reported her radioing at the end of her 26th place finish the smell of Bud perfuming the cockpit.

Racing’s most talked about female performer deserves some perks after all the guff she’s received these months and years. Let’s face it, not too many athletes in the world could contend with the added attention – mostly negative, over stuff the average racer gets by with easily. But the one thing really flattening the tires of this popular racer is the scoreboard. In something like 200 starts Patrick has one exactly one race. But that doesn’t tell the whole story either. She’s finished in the top ten any number of times, taken the pole once, and has had her share of bright moments.

So enjoy the shoes and all the other bling Danica, it’s not like you’re a racehorse for fans to put out to pasture. You’d think these people were betting on her or something?



  1. Billy Bobb says

    Shoes are the one (two) item I’d like to see Danica Patrick wear. Shoes, and nothing else. She is a goddess.

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