Edward Eichler Named Vice President For TransVoyant

Edward Eichler Named Vice President of Customer Support for TransVoyant

TransVoyant, a supply chain predictive analysis company, recently revealed that they’re naming Edward Eichler as the VP (Vice President) of Customer Success and delivery. According to a press release issued by the company, Ed will be bringing extensive experience in technology management to the role, alongside enterprise solution architecture knowledge and insight into service operations. […]

Personal Rebranding Using a Public Relations Campaign

Personal Rebranding Using a Public Relations Campaign

For a long time now, people have often thought of branding as something connected specifically to companies and corporations. However, the truth is that almost every individual today has their own personal brand, regardless of whether they actively cultivate this brand or not. As we increasingly move towards the digital world – personal branding is […]

“It’s a Tide Ad” Wins Fishbowl’s First Ever Fishes’ Choice Award for Best Work of the Year

Earlier this month, knowing not everyone could make it to the renowned Cannes Lions festival, Fishbowl, the professional social network, opened up the voting pool to their larger Advertising community as a way to celebrate the industry. Creatives from top ad agencies like WPP, BBDO, and Publicis, among others, became judges, nominating and voting on their favorite pieces […]

Learning Leadership from the Marines: How to be Unselfish

Learning Leadership from the Marines: How to be an Unselfish Leader

Leaders don’t have to spend time in the marines to learn from the way these disciplined individuals live their lives. In an era where companies like Facebook are seeing huge PR crises because of selfish behavior, the marines have the answer to better leadership strategies in their 14 principles for effective management. One of the […]

Chris Hardwick Denies Allegations

Chris Hardwick Denies Allegations

Comedian and TV host Chris Hardwick is facing harsh allegations after his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, dropped a bombshell in the entertainment media recently. According to Dykstra, Hardwick “sexually and emotionally abused her” throughout their relationship. Hardwick denies these allegations. Let’s look at how each side is projecting their messages. Dykstra opened the conversation by posting […]

Becker Back in the Headlines for all the Wrong Reasons

It’s been decades since tennis sensation Boris Becker made international headlines. In those days, he was a phenom on the court, capturing the attention of tennis fans the world over as he won multiple Wimbledon titles. The recent mention of Becker in the headlines paints a very different picture. Becker is embroiled in a bankruptcy […]

Mandala Exchange To Become First SEC-Compliant Crypto Exchange

Delaware-based Mandala Exchange on Path to Becoming First Fully SEC-Compliant Cryptocurrency Exchange, Offers Platform for Experts and Novices Alike

The cryptocurrency industry faces an abundance of challenges with regards to its public perception.  What the general public, by and large, knows about cryptocurrency is the dramatic swings in the price of Bitcoin and the uncertainty surrounding the regulation, or lack thereof, of this revolutionary industry. In the center of the bullseye now are Digital […]

Should You Get a Masters in Communication?

Should You Get a Masters in Communication?

People dreaming about advancing their career in the communications world might find themselves asking whether now the right time is to get a master’s degree in the communications sector. Now that the job market is growing increasingly competitive for communications professionals, having something that gives you the extra edge on your resume could be a […]