The Investor Relations Group Tapped by ZAP

The Investor Relations Group

The Investor Relations Group has been selected by ZAP to run their PR campaigns. The public relations company will be working with the electric car company to build up public awareness of their green technology.

ZAP has been manufacturing electric vehicles that are delivered to 75 countries worldwide. Since 1994, the company has produced over one hundred thousand vehicles. They make everything from electric trucks and cars to scooters, ATVs and motorbikes, including some of the only electric city-speed vehicles such as vans and trucks.

“We believe this to be an opportune time to engage a public relations and investor relations team,” said Steve Schneider, CEO of ZAP. “Fundamental changes are occurring in government policy and popular thinking as they relate to the automobile industry and carbon emissions.”

The Investor Relations Group will be promoting ZAP by doing such things as social media, communicating with investment professionals, as well as working with more traditional media, such as radio and print. The PR firm using newer media strategies, as well, to promote the electric transport company by creating podcasts and videos that can be used to promote the company. They will also be using social media strategies and video services to spread the message of electric powered cars.

“As we pursue our vision to grow the company into an electric transportation industry leader, IRG will play an integral part in communicating our progress to shareholders, the investment community, the media, and the public at large.” says Schneider.

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