Joanna Magee Accused of “Swimming” Her Way to the Finals Of Splitsville 2

Joanna Magee Splitsville

The popular reality series Splitsville 2 is mired in controversy as a former contestant accuses the top contenders of “sleeping” their way to the finals. Series 2 contestant Swagata G Shah has come forward to contend that Joanna Magee and Sakshi Pradhan (the ultimate winner) had a “real” encounter with the Hitesh, the show’s director, and other members of the Splitsville 2 production crew.

Shah said Magee and Pradham went to a post production pool party with the men, one which lasted all night. Other allegations were made including rampant drug use by Magee among other accusations. MTV has not made any comment, but Hitesh denied the allegations in a statement to the tabloid which originally reported the story. If anyone ever wondered if Bollywood would live up to the hype of Hollywood, there is proof in this pudding. After all is said and done, nice girls may in fact finish last.

Joanna mcgee bollywoodShah also told reporters that Magee was using coke and marijuana throughout the production, only off screen. Other rumors abound as far as top contestants being booked rooms for supposed sexual encounters by members of the production team and some of the show’s contestants as well.

Nothing concrete has come out as of yet, but it is pretty obvious more is going on behind the scenes of Splitsville than meets the camera’s eye. Also, according to Shah, the show’s producers have been trying to get contestants to sign a contract after the fact, basically banning them from telling stories like the one you are reading. A non-disclosure agreement after the fact? Hmm?

Well, as we all know the world of MTV in India or anywhere for that matter, is fertile ground for controversy and publicity stunts. The ultimate winner of the show, Sakshi Pradhan, defended the show with the following comment:

“I faced two rounds of auditions and made a wild card entry. Nothing was fixed. It was a reality show and the people behind it were professionals. They were nice and friendly towards us. I don`t want to comment on what others have alleged.”

Well, being nice to vivacious, beautiful women in bathing suits is not exactly the most difficult task in the world is it? Given the tone of the show’s website, the allegations by this contestant, and knowing what we have seen from MTV on this side of the ocean, well, nothing would surprise us I expect. Certainly Swagata should come up with someone, or something to corroborate her story to make things square however. Even if the stories are true, a director’s swimming pool hold more water than his couch any way.

Looking more like a sex site than a TV show - Splitsville 2 Joanna mcgee bollywood

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