A Review Of Joshua Gruss’ Career Transition From The Financial Industry To The Music Industry

Joshua Gruss is the CEO and chairman of Round Hill Music. Previously, he worked in the financial industry. The executive was a partner at Gruss & Co., an investment firm based in New York.

In addition, he worked for another an investment banking firm, Bear Stearns & Co. Prior to his involvements in the financial industry, Joshua made a name for himself in the music industry. He worked closely with Atlantic Records, Sony Music and Clear Chanel’s Live Music Division.

The music mogul has a sound educational background given that he holds a BA in modern studies and two MBAs from Trinity College-Hartford, Columbia Business School and London Business School respectively. Presently, Joshua serves as a trustee at Berklee School of Music. Formerly, he rendered his services for the U.S. Coast Guard.

josh gruss CEO roundhill music

Joshua Gruss – Leader and Entrepreneur

Joshua is a transformative leader and shrewd entrepreneur. He is credited for building Round Hill Music Company from scratch to an industry leader in a period of three years. Round Hill Music offers full-service music publishing and creative rights management services. The company serves prominent clients, including Charlie Hunter, Tatu, Arthouse Entertainment and Fierce Bad Rabbit. Gruss plans to expand the firm’s foot print to Nashville and later, London.

josh gruss music industry

Joshua Gruss – Intro to the Music Industry

Josh Gruss was born with an innate passion for music. He started engaging with Atlantic Records while still in college. A few years later, he joined a band. Joshua stayed with the band for a while before switching his career to financial management. He rendered his services in this competitive industry for 13 years. However, working in the finance industry for more than a decade did not erase his passion for music. Joshua felt the desire to go back to his roots, the music industry.

His return to the music industry was accompanied by an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to work as an investor through publishing. Joshua’s return to the music sector in post financial crisis was perfect timing for buying due to the discounted pricing. He built a strong team of executives, including Richard Rowe, the man behind Sony/ATV’s triumph as the largest publisher in the world. The executive team includes Neil Gillis, a visionary leader whose 30-year career experience in the publishing industry includes 15 years at Warner/ Chappell.

Round Hill Music prides itself in buying catalogs and serving songwriters. They also find placements for songs in video games, TV shows and films. The company helps song writers to maximize the value of their songs through licensing and synchronizing. These publishers work to connect songwriters with their counterparts for collaborations while ensuring that their songs are placed on records.

josh gruss is the CEO of roundhill music

Round Hill Music is Founded

Round Hill stands out in the industry due to its lower ratio of employee to song and song writer. With just 6000-7000 songs being managed, they are able to build a personal relationship with songwriters. While undertaking their duties, employees of the firm uphold transparency on every issue, including marketing of songs. They mostly target underground upcoming artists on You Tube, Facebook and SoundCloud with potential songs for synchronization.

Joshua Gruss’ music company has worked with music icons like Bruno Mars, Tim McGraw, The Supremes, Pat Benatar, Frank Sinatra, Lennon & McCartney, Gavin Rossdale and Eddie Holland. Investment gurus say that investing in music publishing is a stable deal since the industry is not affected by changes in the stock markets. However, Round Hill has been forced to run investment and entertainment websites separately since the two cannot be merged.

Their first round of funding for six Lennon-McCartney compositions raised $200 million. Gruss posited that the gross profit is $20 million. In 2016, Round Hill acquired the right to record and publish The Offspring for $35 million. They have also acquired several Bush albums and entered into partnerships with Tesla, Jani Lane, Cobi and Warrant.

josh gruss education

Joshua Gruss Education

Joshua Gruss’s friends lured him to undertake a joint EMBA program at Columbia and LBS. The 20-month course featured lectures, assignments and study groups of four people. Gruss acknowledges that the program enlightened him on issues of leadership and how to establish a culture in a company, which he could not learn at the hedge fund.

The EMBA program attracted individuals from diverse industries, including an air force pilot and a manager of a Heineken brewery-Siberia.

josh gruss rubikon band members

Joshua Gruss’s Band – Rubikon

Joshua Gruss’ family forced him to quit his membership of the metal band, Rubikon, to attain some financial knowledge. Later, he reunited with the five-member band, which Gruss told Billboard that had a gig recently.

Rubikon’s biggest crowd was 5,000. During this festival, they toured in a RV and performed the biggest dumps. With Round Hill Music’s administration, Rubikon managed to secure close to 10 synchs on Shameless, a Showtime’s show. Gruss said that the show offered them the highest synch royalties, which was about $10,000. The band performed Hot Blooded by Foreigner at Joshua Gruss’ wedding where Josh played How Sweet It Is solo. When their two songs were played on college radio, Rubikon earned royalties of $19.

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