Kardashian Publicity Machine Demands Silence of Love Ranch Brothel Owner

Lamar Odom Spent 75k on a Brothel

A few days ago Lamar Odom wanted to get away from publicity and whatever issues he faced. In hindsight, his choice to do so at a legal brothel near Las Vegas seems a bit questionable. But, Odom’s other choices leading up to and during his weekend at the Love Ranch have put him in the middle of a life-threatening publicity storm.

What we know: he paid $75,000 for two days at the facility receiving two women to be at his beck and call. Rumors abound about substances he took during the weekend, including reports of some cocaine use on Saturday and at least 10 doses of an over-the-counter herbal supplement used to obtain similar results to that little blue pill men use for sexual enhancement.

Manufacture of those blue pills is stringently monitored, and the herbal supplements are not – nor is one supplement the same as others professing the same properties. In other words taking the supplements is a turkey shoot. But we are also pretty sure the blue pill people don’t recommend 10 doses be taken in two days. It’s a situation fraught with disaster, well beyond the publicity side of things. Ending with a 911 phone call and reports of either blood or a pink substance leaking from his nose and very repressed vital signs.

Add Odom’s connections to the Kardashian clan and their well-oiled publicity machine – running on more than a bit of edginess already. Getting away from everything is understandable, but by this point, you’d think Odom would have a better sense of how to do so without this kind of fallout.

Dennis Hof owner of Love Ranch Brothel

Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch brothel Lamar went to, is silenced by the Kardashian Clan

We are sensitive to Odom’s life being in danger and his family’s need for space. We also wonder what the Kardashian publicity people thought would be the outcome when they tried to keep Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch, from going through with his already arranged interview with Nancy Grace.

The Love Ranch has been in and out of the news for decades, staying in business by willingly flaunting public opinion. What response were they expecting from the man other than him telling them where to step off.

Telling people who thrive on a reputation for being a “maverick” when you are known for exploiting everything in life may not have been wise.

We wish Odom a swift and speedy recovery.

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