Katrina Pierson hopes to be drafted by President-Elect Trump

Katrina Pierson hopes to be drafted by President-Elect Trump

In the age of TV news and hyper-partisan media, one of the best ways to build a brand is to get on TV and “be” a unique version of hyper-partisan. Rush Limbaugh created the model, and many others have followed. While every media personality has their own personal style, that alone is not enough. You need some “it” something that gets people talking, and you need to be able to say and do things that keep them talking.

Katrina Pierson has managed that. A foil to the left and a hero to the far right, Pierson was indefatigable in her support for and defense of Donald J. Trump as the NY billionaire moved from candidate to hopeful to President-Elect.

Officially one of the first public figures entirely and unwaveringly on the Trump Train, Pierson made a name for herself on political talk TV by frustrating liberal pundits and even some more even-handed conservatives in her regular assaults on all things Hillary and her stalwart defenses of all things Trump. Now, according to CNN, Pierson is hoping to make the next step.

Insiders say she has been back and forth to Trump Tower, ostensibly for meetings with Trump’s transition team, in hopes, people say, of being tapped for one of the coveted positions on his White House team. Many options have been floated, including press secretary.

When asked, Pierson told media colleagues she’s at Trump Tower because she “works there” as “a Senior Advisor on the transition team.”

While Pierson is sure of what she sees as her worth to the Trump team, others say she’s not fit for the position she reportedly covets. Frequently embarrassed for making false or inaccurate statements on live TV, Pierson went from scourge of the Clinton campaign to media sideshow.

In some memorable moments, Pierson blamed President Obama for the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, which took place seven years before he was elected. Pierson also blamed Clinton and Obama for the death of celebrated U.S. Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in 2004, a full five years before Clinton and Obama took office as Secretary of State and President, respectively.

Pierson was also quick to jump on the Trump bandwagon, insinuating Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz may not be eligible to be President … an allegation that had zero credibility, but landed well among a certain Trump demographic … though not necessarily with his larger audience.

After these gaffes, some viewed her as a partisan hack and a joke, not the kind of resume that lends itself to a prime position in Trump’s full-time team. Time will tell if Trump, who’s very big on rewarding loyalty, agrees.

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