Kavya Madhavan’s Life In A Shambles Because Of Greed?

Not long ago I did a story about budding BollyWood actress Kavya Madhavan apparently seeking a divorce after only 6 months of marriage. To be honest, I was actually stunned by the number of people who responded to that post, mostly in support of the lovely actress. Since then, there has been so much speculation about the real reasons behind the breakup between Kavya and her husband Nishal Chandra. Though Kavya has not come forward to express her side of the story, it is becoming clear that the marriage may have been doomed from the start.

From accusations that Kavya had nude photos surface, to insistence the actress was somehow unstable, and allegations that her career was more important than her marriage, there has been no end to the guessing game that ensues when things like this happen. Some new ideas have emerged however, which if not substantiated do somehow seem to fit the situation better than any other speculation. According to OneIndia, which has reported on this more than any other publication, Kavya was caught in the middle of a greedy game of subservience which led ultimately to here balking at the marriage.

snakeAccording to many reports, Nishal Chandra (left) and his family made some pretty Machiavellian demands on the young actress. One report especially rings more true than the rest. According to this news, Nishal and his family demanded upwards of $1million dollars and two houses which Kavya owned in order to sanctity the marriage. Accordingly she agreed based on an agreement between the Chandra’s allowing Kavya’s parents to remain in one of the houses, paying the family over time. I the end the Chandras demanded her parents move, which appeared to cause the actress to stand her ground. It was at this point Kavya supposedly decided to end the marriage, unwilling to abandon her obligation to her parents. For my part, looks may not be decieving for this couple. Chandra

kavya niceFurther evidence, though circumstantial, surfaced suggesting that rather than opposing Kavya’s continued acting career, Nishal and his family supposedly actually demanded her continuing her acting. When Kavya balked at this idea instead of carrying on as a devoted wife, her new family demanded she seek other sources of income. If these stories are true, well, I feel pretty bad for the talented star. Think about it, you have a dream of getting married and being happy, only to find you are thought of as some kind of work horse for your in laws. I cannot begin to understand, and I will not ever criticize a culture anywhere, but a system that forces people into subservience cannot go unscathed when stories like this emerge.

This explanation for what happened to Kavya’s marriage makes one heck of a lot more sense than nude photos (which have never been released), her desire to act rather than be a wife (which obviously she was more than willing to do), or any other explanation. All I can say is I hope she comes out of this smelling like a rose, and that if the Chandras are as mercenary as they appear, that this will be revealed too. Stay tuned for later developments.