Response Time is the Key Element that Boosts Lead Conversion [Infographic]

Knowing exactly when to contact a potential client in order to increase lead conversion and boost sales is vital to any business. A fast response is everything as a new infographic by cloud-based lead management and sales automation solutions provider Lead360 shows.

The key finding of The Ultimate Contact Strategy: How to best use phone and email for contact and conversion success report is that making an attempt to contact a lead by phone in the first minute of their enquiry increases the likelihood of conversion up to 391%, even if the contact isn’t actually made. Making that same attempt in a 2 minutes window increases conversion lead by 160%, while trying to contact a lead in the first 3 minutes showes an increase of only 98%. After that, the conversion rate decreases significantly.

As everyone knows, the sale isn’t made after the first call. So how much is too much? The same study revealed that after the 7th call it is very unlikely to actually convert leads, while in the email area after the 6th or more messages the conversion rate of leads drops significantly.

Other important key findings of the report were that combining the moment with the number of contact attempts further increases conversion and that a multi-channel communication leads to better results.

For this report, Lead360 analyzed the contact practices of over 400 companies and 3.5 million leads. The most important findings were included in the infographic, and the report can be downloaded from here.

Leads360 v10 381x1024 Response Time is the Key Element that Boosts Lead Conversion [Infographic]

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