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BuzzGain, an online service for discovering and engaging with people who will help businesses thrive in today’s social economy, has recently opened its doors for the general public.

BuzzGain will give you the tools to identify communities that are actively shaping the future of online businesses and it will also give you access to influential voices and corresponding conversations to help you listen, learn and engage in beneficial relationships.

BuzzGain is an online DIY solution for public relations, marketing, advertising, sales and customer care.

The press release announcing the launch yesterday quotes:

BuzzGain — a new online service that helps companies, brands, and individuals accelerate their PR efforts by leveraging the social web — opened its doors with the launch of the public beta.

Personally I hope that BuzzGain is no longer in beta (there is no “beta” mention on the site). Betas are usually versions available prior to the official release for the purposes of testing. I hope no one expects anyone to pay a monthly fee to test a service that should work seamlessly. I am currently testing the service and I will come back with an in-depth review after I familiarize myself with the interface, functionality and value.

So far I can only offer a brief description: the service is broken into three modules – listen, learn and analyze.

  • The “Listen” module is based on keyword search and aggregates news related to a specific keyword phrase from news outlets, blogs and microblogs.
  • The “Learn” module pulls in links to sites related to the keywords you target in your campaign.
  • The “Analyze” module offers overall trends (for the targeted keyword phrase – meaning how many times it appears in the news and how many times it is searched for) and subject velocity graphs.

Leverage pr social media

As an experienced SEO and PR I can already tell you that all these features can also be analyzed with free tools already available online. For example to “listen” you could use Google alerts or search with Twitter’s search service to see if your keywords are a hot topic in Twitter. However, as I already mentioned, I do not think that BuzzGain offers just what is obvious in the first ten minutes of testing. In my opinion having software that pulls in data you need into a single manageable platform


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