Online Brothels Diversify Sex for Hire

call girlHere we are at the start of the 21st Century and literally everything is moving online, including brothels. A report on the 20 or 30 online brothels in Singapore grabbed our attention, leading to a sort of epiphany once we tasked Google search to see the depth of the online prostitution game. From pimps to the call girls themselves, the marketing of human beings is apparently as big or bigger than in the physical world. If it there was no physical harm done, only digital gratification, the Internet would be the perfect sexual release. But, the darker side of sex for hire may be worsened by digital tools rather than lessened.

Apparently there are somewhere between 20 and 30 online brothels in the Singapore market alone. Profiles posted on these by individual call girls or pimps running “stables” of prostitutes hailing from China and India to Malaysia and Thailand offer anything sexual money can buy. Technology and connectedness has made many things easier to market and sell, even human trafficking according to some reports. As other market segments refine and expand, so too have many rather unscrupulous counter-markets naturally. As fast as someone can create a decent Facebook or Twitter profile, hundreds and even thousands of would be customers can be engaged. Selling iPhone apps is one thing though, dragging people into the mire that surrounds illegal activity is quite another.

A Hooker in Every Living Room?

We are waving bye-bye to so many institutions these days; the newspaper, physical retail store, music store, magazine, even the movie theater eventually – and now the “bricks and mortar” brothel building. Prostitutes (or worse still their pimps) can engage customers far more effectively via social tools. Regulating the crime end of this business, or even the legally managed sex-for-hire institutions is far more difficult for police and officials than on the ground. A call girl markets her wares through pictures or even video, communicates via SMS, and then meets with her “John” at some designated hotel. As you can imagine, the dispersion of the brothel to 100 different locations makes busting prostitutes and their pimps far more difficult. The Internet enables people to bring the world into their living rooms, this includes the good and bad in the world.

Many experts are not so concerned with adult prostitution per se as much as they are with children. Whether pimps use children in their operations, or offer sexual favors to children, the result is obviously a dark one. If anyone can imagine a pimp with standards, then this would not be an issue, but the whole problem with condoning prostitution in the first place (outside a moral one) is the periphery activity that resides alongside it. Drugs, theft, white slavery, child porn, not to mention STD’s and even “rough” sex are just a few of the down sides of the prostitution game. Without going into a moral discussion on paid sex, suffice it to say the digital medium makes some things a little too easy. In case the reader is wondering about the explicit wording or marketing of women on some of these sites, the expert below is from one of the Singapore sites which charges in excess of $250 per hour, and that is not even for their “exclusive” companions. (The text has been paraphrased as the site had the gaul to copyright even the services text).

How about bondage and dominatrix services? – In some cases ladies can provide either a mild or light Bondage and Dominatrix service. If you have another requirement then it’s better to ask up front. This avoids disappointment and embarrassment at the appointment. Please also give a description of the type of ladies you prefer.

If you think pimps have lost their boldness in their online endeavors, the hub sites which lead would be customers to these “courtesans” also openly recruit girls in plain view as well. Social networking with sex for hire as a market? Will Twitter’s 140 characters be put to the test next?

Craigslist Eroticism

Craigslist theoretically deleted their “erotic services” section, which made it more difficult for pimps and call girls to advertise there. In other curtailment efforts at least one major international sex for sale ring was investigated and busted in 2008. But just as hookers evade in the physical world, so too their digital personas and hangouts can be veiled very easily. In the case of Craigslist it took a murder in Boston to get them to dump their relative brothel, what will it take for Singapore’s digital red light district? Just so the reader knows, a 20 second search for exotic services via Google revealed SMS, and phone numbers on one site to anything and everything via at least one site in the top 10 results (at least for Jaipur)? The desperation of women in Asia and elsewhere is a reflection on us as human beings and societal economic strife. The video below shows the “real” end of on or offline prostitution.

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