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Porter Novelli, a leading PR firm, has been selected to serve as agency of record to the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas,. BlogWorld is a popular event designed to promote new media and blogging as a form of advertising which can be easily tracked. Blogging is also very targeted and can be a particularly useful tool for businesses looking for promotion tools.

“Conversations are at the heart of new media, and BlogWorld & New Media Expo attracts people who are having some of the most interesting and influential conversations today,” said Stephanie Agresta, social media expert and executive vice president, global director of digital strategy and social media for Porter Novelli. “We are thrilled to be named agency of record for such an exciting and important event in the social media world.”

The 2008 BlogWorld reached about 100 million people, bloggers, readers and viewers. This year, they hope to double their influence, which is why they have hired Porter Novelli to work with them. The PR firm will be joining SHIFT Communications to provide on-site support and to contribute creatively. The company will also be reaching out to media to gain more publicity for the social media event.

“We have been impressed with Porter Novelli’s work in the social media space for quite some time,” said Rick Calvert, CEO and co-founder of the BlogWorld & New Media Expo. “The agency’s expertise in this segment, together with our longtime ally Stephanie having joined its team, make Porter Novelli a perfect match for us. We know the agency is dedicated to our success and to social media as a whole.”

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