The Power of Tony Robbins Atop MLM Madness

Tony KerzmannHoly Toledo! In the digital world, what could be more obtrusive than SPAM? The answer is, the marketers behind the SPAM. Today Everything PR News heads off into a deeper consumer advocate direction, call it an attempt to rescue the web from worthless websites and useless information. A PR scam hunt, as it were. You guys just keep on SPAMMING me.

Update Two: I will say this for BizOppers, marketers are approaching my profile a bit like wildfire. And, despite my comments to clue them this is all going live here, they still keep coming. More later.

Get Paid Online – In Wooden Nickels

An old acquantance, whom I will just refer to as Tony, contacted me with at least two emails today. His hot topic of import? JSS Tripler, yet another MLM bonanza with at best dubious chances of working for long. Then, just as I was about to reply to Tony, inviting him to give me his money rather than toss it out the window, BOOM! Another mail from him.

This time, old Tony, pictured upper left  in his alter ego makeup, engaged his old pal about something called BizOppers – as if the name would not set off some alarms for the Internet savvy. Knowing Tony as a decent human being, I decided to do the right thing – and give this startup a chance. So, ergo the Phil Butler startup review of BizOppers. Hold on to your horses.

Jengo Cash

I placed the screenshot above for a reason. It exemplifies what Tony’s new found fortunes are all about. Cool-hard-cash, but not in the ways MLM gurus profess – exactly. BizOppers, for me, is perhaps the most obnoxious and damaging type of web entity. One with just enough legitimacy and visibility to be really dangerous. Dangerous how?

Well, like the worst kind of MLM schema, the social network for moronic marketers offers just enough value to waste the time of thousands. As they discribe themselves, “A Facebook for like-minded opportunity seekers.” Do we need to examine this dogma really? BizOppers, like so many MLM schemes (in my view) is about cash all right, turning your cash into theirs (with a smidgen for top networkers).

I signed up, and before I could get my foot in the startup door, BOOM! Bam, bam, bam, at least three “must” calls to action. Talk about the hard sell, these guys were determined to get that GOLD membership signup. Disgustingly web 1.0, the screen below illustrates phase one of converting the wrong dude.


Order now or forever lose this opportunity at nothing

And then. Well, you have probably been there, haven’t you? That arrogant bastard salesman, determined to make you his pawn, to push you right through the sales process, and if not you, then some poor idiot a little less fond of his or her money. To be honest, after what I looked at digging into this one startup, I am surprised Google does not ban these guys from the SERPs. What a waste of human initiative.

The image below is a screen from BizOppers once I tried to click through to get to the “meat” of this startup. As you can see, old salesman Bob (or my buddy Tony in this case) just would not let go of my leg. Navigating sites like this is like trying to walk through alligators. What’s underneath the toothy critters though, is actually much worse.


Let go of my leg! I just want to see the value, THEN pay you!

About now BizOppers’ developers are on the horn with their marketing guru to get this story out of the Google top pages. A few well placed blog stories, with some Tweets and Facebook mentions, maybe a G+ campaign (if anyone has developed one yet) and Zingo, a negative review goes bye-bye. But, not just yet. Let’s see where Tony’s gem of an email takes us.

JSS Tripler is a whopping new MLM that has the biggest evangelist in the marketing world on its side. Tony Robbins, even though the guy looks a bit frazzled these days, shoots a video which both promotes Tripler, and condemns it too. Watch the video and let me explain.

Okay, you are seeing old Tony (Robbins not my email pal) a bit older and less refined than you remember him. These guys are using Tony Robbins’ motivational video to promote what BizOppers’ top referrer Frazer does (You are welcome for the link). He, Tony, and the others on the site promote (link and recommend) other MLM sites, and etc.

The whole things sort of resembles a shark feeding frenzie with the sharks feeding on one another. Good ole Frazer recommends; The Penny Trial, One Kyss (maybe the most lethal type of MLM), Provibo Pro-Plus, Big Foot Profits, and the list is expansive – the end of the long tail being? Read the summary. The image below shows how half of the people who added me in the first couple hours see themselves. Female or not (Tony is in here again).

BizOppers avitars

As you can see, some users border on the absurd

Summary Judgement – For the Misled

This site is where my acquaintance sent me to help prop up his new found “Get rich quick” find. The Tony Robbins motivational genius – played out on a site called “TVWebmillions” no less. As if the world is not already teetering under the weight of past schemes – Wall Street, the predators gobbling at the last bits of our flesh. The problem for this writer is; the wasted potential, the utter madness of good people sucked into the void of mediocre lunacy. And too, that our pals at Google have to index all this crap. Sergey, if you are reading this man – get Matt Cutts to work out an algorithm on this.


BizOppers starts BOOM, and finishes in the downward spiral

1000 so called marketers will read this, just because of my title. For those who just want to make some extra money, who are not hard core online marketers, visit Jengo Cash – then come back and tell me your first impression. The scary thing about marketing startups like BizOppers is just how fast they seem to go viral. And even more scary for those who invest their time and money – just how fast they drop off planet Earth. The Alexa graphic above illustrates (in a way) how unsustainable MLM schemes are. No startup gains momentum this fast, this was the effect of a massive marketing campaign, and then (I expect) the dough gets raked in until the next one.

Okay, I have to be fair to some of the websites mentioned. A few, in my view, are interesting approaches to enhancing the old MLM motif. One Kyss, for instance, does offer a product or service at the end of the long tail. Whether or not their sexual enhancements are any good? You’ll have to test those yourself, I’ve been lucky so far in that department (at least my wife tells me I have). Bottom line on ALL these types of business opportunities is – the top of the pyramid probably does make some cash – I challenge any of them to come and prove the bottom of their network is thriving.

Oh! They will say (just using Tony Robbins again) that the masses’ motivation was not enough. By the way, in the time it took me to write this article, no less than 8 BizOppers users had added me, even without a full profile. Watch what happens on the follow up to this post once this link is there. Just goes to show, some BizOppers users have the motivation – good luck with that. More later.

Update: Before I could type the summary and hit post – 9 more peeps added me on BizOppers – Wow! Wait’l they read this.


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    Thanks for the article and have a gold day my friend. Yes, I tried BizOppers too, mistakenly thinking it would be about social networking and two way communication :-) However I have learned something from it – how not to do things!

    • says

      Hi Sue, Don’t feel bad gal, it is somehow appealing, I see all those notifications and wonder at how the contact matrix could be leveraged !! OPPS I sound markety don’t I?


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    I can’t believe MLM is still working. People, wake up, there are no easy money! Do some research, study seo, sem, ppc, smm, web design/development and then develop something that will give you good feeling not only about yourself but by providing great services to people, so they would think good about you and themselves. Dedication and hard work are the keys! Free cheese only in the mouse trap!

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      @Mikhai, Amen brutha, I know you know. Such grandiose plans make us all look bad and muddy the water. Thanks for your comment Mikhai.


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    I cannot fathom how so many people still fall for these things. To me, they are just one level above the old Nigerian email scams

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