PR Dominates The International Herald Tribune

Today’s cover page of The International Herald Tribune, two articles of interest to anyone  interested in the public relations industry.

Jimmy WalesFirst, under the headline: “Jimmy Wales Is Not a Net Billionaire”, a profile on the co-founder of Wikipedia, which is rightfully describes as “one of the Internet’s most life changing innovations.” Undoubtedly, this so-called people’s, cumulative encyclopedia is something which defines people, past and present.

Often occupying spot number 1 on any Google search, indeed Wikipedia matters. Case in point, it is interesting that while Facebook and Twitter are multi-billion dollar companies, Wikipedia’s owner is reportedly worth only $1 Million.  Wales is openly bothered about how the other social media companies get more respect – and maybe that is in part because they are able to afford more on public relations and marketing.  (Although who knew that Wales is married to a former Public Relations executive).

And then, “Russia Uses Snowden as a PR bonus” details how the Putin government has wisely used the Snowden affair as a way to achieve world power and attention (at least through the media.) Indeed, the current Russian administration has proven quite adept at media manipulation.

As a Russian political analyst quoted said “What happens now doesn’t matter because public opinion in Russia has already been shaped – America is lying, dishonest and has double standards.”  Clearly, there’s no way anyone can disagree that Brand America has been hurt in a major way by the Snowden.

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