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Will McCain’s legacy change American politics?

Senator John McCain returned to the floor of the senate this past week to cast two very different, but equally decisive votes. First, he voted to put the GOP’s plan to replace Obamacare up for discussion. Then he voted against the bill that, he says, isn’t good enough for the American people. Questioned about his […]

Aaron Carter arrested for DUI

If you forgot about Aaron Carter, you might well be forgiven. It’s been a good bit since the former pop singer was on the charts, and his name has been pushed out of the spotlight by today’s popular teen icons. Until now. Carter Makes Headlines Carter is back in the headlines, but not the way […]

Clooney threatens lawsuit over kid pics

George and Amal Clooney made it very clear when their twins were born: paparazzi were not welcome. That didn’t stop the photogs from trying to capture the notoriously private couple’s kids. And now, apparently, a few have succeeded. Recently, photographers from the French magazine, Voici, captured some shots of the Clooneys and their twin newborns […]

FDA goes after cigarettes again

Ever since they started putting warning labels on smokes, cigarette companies have been pushing back, trying to keep selling their product even as the popular culture progressively shoved smokers, literally, into the corners of society. Now, years after smoking was banned in most restaurants, the Food and Drug Administration is back to regulate cigarettes once […]

Anthony Scaramucci: Doing A Great Job For POTUS

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci recently started his new job as communications director for the Donald J. Trump presidency. His history is not dissimilar to President Trump, as he’s also a New York tycoon. He’s also a bit rough and tumble while dealing with the press and media. While he has received criticism, what could be more perfect […]

Whitman offers full support to HP

As months roll by without any clear answers, the speculation as to who might be Uber’s next CEO continues to churn out headlines in the business pages. The list waxes and wanes week to week, but scratch one name off for good. Meg Whitman says she is not interested in becoming Uber’s next leader. She’s […]

PR News From Omnicom, MWW PR, Sard Verbinnen & Weber Shandwick

Kelley Skolada Left Ketchum to Launch KS Consultancy & Capital KS Consultancy and Capital will work primarily with women … that is finding angel investors for female entrepreneurs, brands focused on female consumers, and opening up various boards of directors to a more feminine perspective. The new office will open in August, and she’s giving […]

Tesla bumped from top spot

tesla bumped from top spot

Despite the much-ballyhooed impending release of the Model 3, mass market sedan, Tesla was just bumped from the top spot of most valuable automaker in the United States. For a few months, Elon Musk’s electric car company reigned as the most valuable, ahead of even stalwarts like Ford and General Motors. For a year, it […]

Tech companies lining up behind net neutrality

Tech companies lining up behind net neutrality

The biggest buzzword in today’s tech politics is no doubt, net neutrality. Millions are talking about it, even though many don’t understand what it means, not really. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying to explain it, as least well enough to get others to sign petitions and get on board online. Enthusiasm is high, […]

Will Carmelo move to Houston?

carmelo anthony moves to houston

This NBA offseason there’s been no shortage of blockbuster trades. Summer kicked off with a major trade that sent superstar Chris Paul to join James Harden in Houston. Now there’s talk that another premier NBA star may be headed to the Rockets. And, this time, he’d be moving from NYC. Trade rumors are swirling around […]