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Persistent Drunk Driver Issues Media Services RFP

The Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health is soliciting proposals from organizations to provide PDD media services for the State of Colorado.  Media and advertising services includes, public relations, creative services, and purchasing of media content relating to alcohol and/or drug related prevention and education. Background: Drunk and impaired driving is a […]

iHeartRadio Bankruptcy Rumors Emerge

The transformation of consumer media continues, and it just seems to be gaining steam. This time, the target is on terrestrial radio. The two largest owners of radio stations in the United States recently filed for bankruptcy. iHeart Radio Files For Bankruptcy iHeartMedia operates 850 stations, and it filed for bankruptcy protection last week. Cumulus […]

Ken Kurson on How to Be a Strong Leader


One of the best signs of a good leader is how well they can effectively train new leaders within their organization, as well as how well they develop the leaders they already have on the team. Most companies say they have a training and development program, but how often are those protocols measured, and what happens if […]

Mistakes First-Time Managers Make

Taking on the position of “manager” for the first time can be a very exciting experience – but it’s also pretty overwhelming too. As a manager, you’re responsible for leading an entire group of people, and this means that you have the power to make real changes in your business. Of course, you also need […]

Stormy Daniels Wants to ‘Set the Record Straight’

Stormy Daniels Wants to ‘Set the Record Straight’

  Over the years, many different Presidents have been linked to many different women. Those connections have created a host of PR issues for both the Presidents and the women. Now it’s former adult film star Stormy Daniels in all the headlines, just bursting to tell everyone all about her alleged affair with President Trump. […]

How Do You Write Emails that Are Sure to Be Opened?

How Do You Write Emails that Are Sure to Be Opened?

Email is still one of the most popular marketing mediums in the world today. It’s personal, easy to use, and it takes very little time for even the most chaotic of businesses to set up an effective email marketing campaign. Indeed, many people believe that email remains to be the most effective way to get […]

Great Leaders Serve

Just before the Last Supper was served, Jesus began to wash the feet of those assembled. Peter was upset by this and didn’t want to demean his leader by allowing Jesus to wash his feet. In response, he was told that He who was chiefest among others must serve them all. Ultimately, Peter must have […]

Don’t let correlation cause a bad connection

You’ve heard it before: “Correlation does NOT equal causation.” Just because it follows, doesn’t mean it connects. The same can be true in public relations and marketing. And, if we fail to respect this, we can easily confuse our audience and delude ourselves. How easily can this get out of hand? Consider the following correlations […]

How Blockchain Can Be Used to Revolutionize Leading Industries

Cryptocurrency is all the rage in many discussions. Whether it is up or down, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have revolutionized how the world views money and transaction. All of these currencies are built on a relatively new technology known as blockchain. It’s a method of keeping records that decentralizes information and makes fraud virtually […]

The Numbers of Financial Communications

The Numbers of Financial Communications

For those interested in a career in financial communications, it’s time to up your game with numbers, percentages, ratios, and so much more. Of course communications skills need to be great too, but the better you get along with numbers, the more likely you’ll find success in this sector. Dealing with Consumers and Employees As […]