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O’Donnell Agrees to Terms with MSNBC

O’Donnell Agrees to Terms with MSNBC

So far this year, Fox News has seen a lot of turmoil among its biggest names. Meanwhile, other networks have been able to sit back, point fingers and grin a little bit about the negative headlines generated by the troubles suffered by their competition. Then, somewhat out of nowhere, MSNBC stalwart Lawrence O’Donnell tweeted up […]

Orchard Owners Turning to Robot Labor?

Orchard Owners Turning to Robot Labor

Farmers in Washington State are worried that they won’t have enough workers to keep up with the harvest in coming years. Most orchards depend on migrant farmers to pick their crops, many of whom work illegally in the United States, according to the Associated Press. With the Trump administration’s promise to crack down on illegal […]

What Killed UK’s Lifeline Charity?

In a result that shocked many in a nation trying to deal with addiction in positive ways, Lifeline, one of the United Kingdom’s “leading drug and alcohol treatment” charities abruptly shuttered its doors and closed up shop. This move came on the heels of an announced investigation by the British Charity Commission into claims that […]

Nissan Tries to Fight Distracted Driving

Nissan Tries to Fight Distracted Driving

Officials who keep track of such things say about 6,000 pedestrians were killed last year because of distraction. The main culprit blamed, of course, was texting while driving, but, really, there are a lot of things that can distract drivers and cause accidents. Various automakers have put out campaigns hoping to encourage people not to […]

With Junior Done, What’s Next for NASCAR?

With Junior Done, What's Next for NASCAR?

Pro auto racing in the US has some big questions to answer this off-season. What to do about Danica Patrick may be one, but the biggest one of them all will be what to do about Little E. Dale Earnhardt Jr., heir to NASCAR royalty and a standout driver in his own right, built a […]