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Louisville Fires Athletic Director

The fallout related to the NCAA basketball scandal continues without a pause. This past week it was announced that Louisville has parted ways with athletic director Tom Jurich after that school was outed as one of the primary offenders in a scandal that has led to a federal investigation of college basketball. This was no […]

Derris & Company: The PR Company That Does No PR Or Branding

Derris & Company: The PR Company That Does No PR Or Branding

Derris & Company was founded in 2013 by Jesse Derris and is based in New York City but also has an office in San Francisco. They are a full-service public relations and communications agency that focuses on strong branding and more. On their website, they say, “We are defined by our dual-pronged approach: first, we […]

Sears Hoping To Recapture Magic

There’s really no reason to sugar coat it, Sears is not doing well. The company overall is floundering, especially after trying to buy and reinvigorate Kmart in past years. On top of this, Sears is struggling to keep customers in its store and has been forced to sell off iconic brands. Across the country, Sears […]

Gretchen Carlson Sounds off over Sex Scandals

Sexual harassment scandals have rocked some of the bastions of American media and entertainment industries over the past few years. From Fox News to Hollywood to college campuses and the tech industry, the issue has been creating massive ripple effects across multiple industries and various different levels of the American social structure. When tracing the […]

Ed Sheeran Goes Public with Drug Problems

Ed Sheeran goes public with past drug problems Recording artists losing their careers – and their lives – over drug problems is not a new story. The tale is just about as old as rock-and-roll itself. It’s a familiar pattern. An artist has a moderate problem, then achieves massive popularity. The fame, as well as […]

PR Strategies of Big Daytime TV Stars

wendy williams pr firm

When you think of daytime television, you may think of talk shows and soaps, but for this article, we’ll focus more on the talk show stars. Each has their own style and approach granting them large offices. We won’t cover them all here, but let’s talk about some of the current top ones … Dr. […]

Upcoming PR Trends for 2018

PR Trends

Here are a few trends to be expected in the coming year with media and the public relations efforts. PR Becomes More Specialized If your company has a public relations team or division, expect that at some point you may need to bring in outside help. Just consider how many areas of specialization there are […]