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Aussie Agency, Believe Advertising, Expands Internationally

Aussie Agency, Believe Advertising, Expands Internationally

Australian PR and advertising agency, Believe Advertising, is set to expand internationally to now offer its publicity services on a global scale. Having operated successfully throughout the past 16 years in Australia, Believe Advertising is excited to announce its abroad expansion. Believe has implemented several international PR campaigns for HEAD Tennis and SEIKO Watches with […]

BBC Settles with “Underpaid” Editor

These days, the scandals in the media seem to be mostly centered around harassment at work, but a recent headline out of Britain reminded both readers and activists that some women are still fighting for an equitable paycheck. CNN is reporting that the BBC is apologizing for “underpaying” a senior editor who happened to be […]

PR News From MWWPR, Zeno Group & Allison & Partners

PR News From MWWPR, Zeno Group & Allison & Partners

It’s been a busy period for the PR sector, with new growth and partnerships emerging across the globe. Here are some recent public relations news updates: MWWPR Launches Entertainment and Sports Practice MWWPR recently announced their new entertainment and sports sector lead by former Catalyst executives Andrew Garson and Joe Flores. The practice launch will […]

Becker Back in the Headlines for all the Wrong Reasons

It’s been decades since tennis sensation Boris Becker made international headlines. In those days, he was a phenom on the court, capturing the attention of tennis fans the world over as he won multiple Wimbledon titles. The recent mention of Becker in the headlines paints a very different picture. Becker is embroiled in a bankruptcy […]

What’s the Difference Between PR and Public Diplomacy?

What's the Difference Between PR and Public Diplomacy?

When it comes to launching a successful business, people often struggle with differentiating between the definition of “public relations”, and “public diplomacy.” While both of these things might have overlapping areas, distinguishing between the two can be critical when a leader needs to choose the kind of help they need to support their business. Both […]

HARO’s Peter Shankman Classy Departure from Vocus

Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman leaves Vocus to focus on new endeavors, including consulting for Fortune 50 companies, evangelist activities for established consumer brands, and even consulting for startups. He has a new book coming out April 2, and a baby due late April too!

Jason Silva Interview: Humankind’s Greatest Quest

Jason Silva Interview

Jason Silva, star of the Emmy winning series The Current, talks about his documentary “Turning Into Gods.” This dynamic, intelligent, and enthusiastic visionary presents a hopeful reality for people in the 21st Century. But, does the march of science, humankind’s age old quest for the unknown, necessarily need to mutually exclude God? These and other questions are probed in this exclusive interview with one of technology’s great thinkers.

APCO PR: Cold Steel Tool of Big Business

APCO Worldwide PR

Icy cold as a scalpel, one paragraph that reads like; “If we want to, we will engage the Web too.” The one glimmer of hope I mentioned is their latest StudioAPCO, which is under construction. It occurs to me that this is a reluctant interjection of technology to at least compete with some of the other “power” broker agencies. I feel it is a half hearted and late attempt.