How Much Does a Press Release Cost?

This is a guest post written by Hannah Munson. Hannah runs a website that is designed to help you find the cost of just about anything.

When we think about creating a website, we often have a goal in mind. Whether you’d like to reach 20,000 visitors a month, or you’re aiming for hundreds of thousands daily, it’s all up to you.

Like anything, getting hits to your website takes work and sometimes you need to think outside the box in order to get people to your site. If your articles aren’t something that millions of people can benefit from already, consider social bookmarking your posts, commenting, or even writing a press release to bring more traffic to your site.

Need someone to write you a press release, and you’re wondering how much it would cost to get done? Continue reading below to find out!

Why would I want to consider a press release?

It’s a great way to bring attention to a new product, giveaway, or even current promotion.

It can be released to many popular news sites, as well as search engines, which will instantly give you more opportunities for great traffic!

Creates great publicity, gives awareness about your site or new product/promotion, which could turn into sales and make you money for the short and long run.

You can get onto some of the most popular new sites such as USA Today and even The Associated Press.

You’re able to not only post pictures, but also upload videos if you’d like. These always do great with readers or customers.

You can find one that is affordable to your budget.

How much would it cost to get it done?

The cost of a press release will of course vary on what you’d like done with it, and who does it. For example, some experts charge $80 for a basic press release, while others charge close to $400 for a top of the line release.

I would say that you could look at anywhere from $75-$400 for a press release. There are many great press release opportunities out there that can reach to major news sites like The New York Times and even USA Today.

Getting a press release done is an excellent way to increase the traffic to your website. It not only creates more traffic, but it also brings awareness to your site, products, and/or promotions which are great! If you’re getting on such sites as those big news ones above, you’re getting the best exposure possible!

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