Rolling Stone, Big Brother 15 & The Marine Corps

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– Some random notes on such subjects as; Rolling Stone, Big Brother 15 & The Marine Corps –

First – Interestingly, The Navy and Marine Corps believe they can shame sexual offenders and reduce others from following in their footsteps. Both military divisions will begin publishing their own versions of a sex offenders list on their home pages as part of an effort to crack down on sexual assaults. Interestingly, they intend to publish both convictions and acquittals.

And then – Certain TV personalities apparently believe that crisis PR firms are miracle workers – Big Brother 15 has apparently hired a company to help her manage her media reputation – after repeated racist remarks.  When there are regular racial slurs, even the best PR pro may not be able to do much with a D-Level celebrity.

Plus – Rolling Stone Magazine is making headlines everywhere for featuring Boston Bombing terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover. While I surely wouldn’t say that all press is good press, it does have many people talking about the magazine, perhaps for the 1st time in a long time.  All of that said, this issue – despite chains refusing to cover it – won’t have a long-term reputational effect on their brand or business. They may take a beating for a few weeks, but no one chooses a cover like this and doesn’t expect backlash. They took a gamble on a marketing concept. As much as it is a detestable ode to an alleged killer, it will not seriously damage them in the long run.

And finally – just released their list of the ten best social media PR agencies for July 2013 – and is towards the top of the list.  Love the continued wins for the agency I founded.

It is a brutally hot summer in New York City – have a great weekend wherever you’ll be spending it.

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