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Rhonda Adams

Rhonda Adams Medina is in charge of business and legal affairs for Sprout at NBCUniversal media. She’s been there since October 2016, and her job title is VP of Business and Legal Affairs. Outside of the office, she provides service and leadership to several philanthropic organizations. She and her family, husband and four children live in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, but she’s an Indianapolis, Indiana native.


Beginning with college, her education is top notch, getting her undergrad degree from Princeton majoring from the AB Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs/East Asian Studies. She then got her law degree from Harvard. She served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review during her time in law school.

Rhonda Adams

Charitable Efforts

Medina serves on several committees, especially related to children. She’s a member of the UN Foundation’s Girl Up campaign on the New York Executive Committee. She also serves on the boards of Trenton Children’s Choir and Bottomless Closet, while serving on the advisory councils for Harvard Law School’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice and Princeton University’s Center for African American Studies. She’s also chaired a Diversity Committee.

Rhonda Adams Job History

Before working on NBCUniversal, she was the Sr. VP and Deputy General Counsel – Business and Legal Affairs for Nickelodeon Networks handling their film, music, and live events. She was with Nickelodeon for almost 12 years. For a little over three years before that, she was an Associate at the law practice of Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein & Seltz, a firm specializing in media, advertising, and entertainment and located on Madison Avenue in New York City. She also spent a few years working at First Boston Corporation in New York.

rhonda adams

A Bit About Her Roots

Rhonda Adams’ parents were born in the late 1930s in Indianapolis and came through those days before the Civil Rights movement as best they could, strong believers in their faith, her father a long-time deacon at their church. They studied and carried the Bible with them and still do. Rhonda was born in the 1960s amid a changing world. Her parents participated as activists in the civil rights efforts, which opened their eyes to many possibilities, including a much more diverse world.

Rhonda Adams told about this in an article she wrote for the Huffington Post in 2012. About the journey, her parents have taken since those early days when they held tight to God created Adam and Eve, not “Adam and Steve.” But over the years, their experiences have brought them to places and people who believe and act differently and have come to love and admire those people. Now, though they still carry their well-worn Bible, they are more prone to comment along the lines of “live and let live.”

Rhonda Adams: Loving & Accepting Family

Adams Medina tells that she and her sister, both married to good men that they hold tight to and love, but that she now knows that if a grandchild of her parents were to come out, it would be into a loving and accepting family environment. She focuses her great legal and media talent more on children-based programming and causes, but she’s equally invested on the acceptance of those who may not fall in the “usual” categories, finding her life enriched by these associations.

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