Sai Tamhankar in Hot Water Following Police Bust

Marathi superstar Sai Tamhankar, star of the hit movie Ghajini hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons yesterday, being present as cops busted a raucous late night party in Pune on Sunday night.

Eight people, including a number of high profile individuals, were arrested by Kothrud police at the party  in the plush Neelambari Apartments near Mehendale Garage. Police sources say that those arrested included hotelier Ganesh Shetty’s sons, architect Christopher Benninger and actor Shreerang Godbole.

All those taken into custody had been drinking heavily, according to police.

The incident happened after a vendor, who chose to remain unnamed, told police he saw a young woman, dresses in skimpy clothing, being molested by two young men outside the apartment on Karve Road.

Police turned up at the apartment shortly afterwards, where they found four women present, including actress Tamhankar.

The vendor told our reporter at the scene that the “outrageously dressed young woman only covered herself with a t-shirt given to her by one of the men in the apartment after the police showed up”.

“I must admit, I was surprised to find out who they were the next morning,” the vendor admitted.

Several of the group present in the apartment abused police officers, according to one of our sources, who responded by arresting all of the men present. However, for unknown reasons, the officers chose to let the women leave the apartment.

When asked about the bust earlier today, Tamhankar, also known for her starring roles in Rahul and Smita Thackeray’s Raada Fox movie, told reporters that “This is a very sad incident. I have no more comments to make, other than to say the whole experience was very sad.”



  1. sagar shete says

    but the actual story is worse than this this is only a cover up
    skimpy is the word used in news paper but in reality few were topless and few were only on bra and panty . everybody was heavily drunk. one of the girl came down on footpath only on bra and panty because of some argument in the flat. 2 boys were convincing her to come back with them to the flat . and thats where the vendour spotted them and thought 2 boys are molesting the skimpy dressed women and called the police
    and when police arrived on the spot. boys managed the police and police allowed the girls to go home without any enquiry but arrested the boys slapped minor charges
    this is the real story . but any stupid can understand what was actually happening in that flat as girls were heavily drunk and without clothes according to reliable sources sai was the girl who was given a t-shirt to wear as she was topless

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