SEOmoz Rebrands as Moz, Launches Moz Analytics Beta

moz REBRAND from seomoz

Today, mozzers all over the world bid goodbye to an iconic SEO name: SEOmoz rebrands, and calls itself simply Moz. The move was announced by Rand Fishkin, CEO + founder of SEOmoz, on a company blog. Fishkin enumerated several factors that led to this decision, among them:

  • SEOmoz is no longer transparent and authentic as a brand name. The company has innovative and forward thinking products and services, like Fresh Web Explorer, FollowerWonk, GetListed, and newly launched beta of Moz Analytics, which take the company beyond SEO;
  • The company tries to distance itself from the acronym SEO, which, according to Fishkin, has (unfair) associations with spam or manipulation.
  • Fishkin also suggested that, as a brand name, SEOmoz was too difficult for people who cannot pronounce “SEO”:

    I’ve heard everything from see-oh-moez to say-ow-mahz to sh-ow-moss. For years, I didn’t think it was a big deal, but fluency bias suggests this probably has a substantive negative impact on the brand’s perception.

The rebranding comes with a new expression of mission and vision, which is defined best by this: Moz’s mission is to help people do better marketing. The company’s core values TAGFEE (transparency, authenticity, generosity, fun, emphaty, the exception) remain unchanged.

Together with the new brand name, Moz also launched a new product, Moz Analytics, an upgrade (and eventual replacement) for SEOmoz PRO. According to the announcement, Moz Analytics is designed to bring together all of the functionality of SEOmoz PRO into the search section, and add large sets of new data and reports in the new tabs: overview, social, links, brand + mentions, and content (a section that will be added after the launch of the others).

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