The Horrific Shaniya Davis Story

Shaniya Davis

For days North Carolina authorities have been searching for 5 year old Shaniya Davis. Today, a week after she was reported missing by her mother, police think they found her body beside a road. Shaniya’s father, Bradley Lockhart, sat at a vigil praying as the news was broken to him. According to all the reports, Lockhart’s estranged wife, Antoinette Davis, is accused now of selling her little girl into prostitution. This almost unbelievable story has to be one of the most horrid I have personally ever heard tell of.

The mother, whom Davis held out hope of reconciliation with, was arrested on Saturday and is charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse for her alleged offering up her petite daughter into prostitution. Apparently a surveillance camera revealed one Mario Andrette McNeill, aged 29, carrying the young child into a hotel room on the same day the mother reported her missing. McNeill has since been charged with kidnapping, but obviously further charges are impending should evidence surface as to his and the mother’s part in the incident.

Literally hundreds of police and volunteers now stand paralyzed at the news the the little girl might be dead. No official identification has been made by officials in Fayetteville as of this writing. The father was visibly shattered in the parking lot of Swann Station Baptist Church in Sanford Monday night, where the vigil for young Shaniya was being held. Theresa Chance, Fayetteville Police Department spokeswoman had this to say:

“Detectives have been running off adrenaline to find this little girl and to bring her home alive. You have a lot of people in shock right now.”

Police have not established the relationship, if any, between Antoinette Davis and Mario Andrette McNeill. But it seems clear that a small child who has been missing, and then presumably being found dead, has some connection to the man seen carrying her to a hotel room. Bradley Lockhart must be literally out of his mind in grief and guilt now. He had raised the child until she was four, only allowing the mother to take her recently. He apparently acquiesced to the mother’s plea to care for the child, and be a good mother, as some reports reveal. Now, he has stated his self doubt and deep sadness over having let Shaniya go.

Everyone has to be wondering what kind of world it is we live in where people can do things like this to their little ones. “Shocking” does not even begin to cover the depth of horrible emotion attached to this story. All we at Everything can say is that we offer our most sincere hope that this man somehow lifted from his misery. And, that somehow, the unfortunate little person who was found, is not this man’s child. Unimaginable, we are all so sorry, certainly there is no pit in hell suitable for those who offend angels.



  1. Shaniya4Ever says

    Why is anyone blaming the father? The two people responsible for the death of that little angel is her mother and the man who raped and killed that little girl. Who in their right mind would think that a mother would ever do this their own child? Perhaps the father had a lapse in judgment which he will suffer for the rest of his life, but to blame him for this is just as crazy and tragic as this whole story is.

    I watch that video of Shaniya and my heart breaks into thousand pieces. I have a daughter and she looks at me the same way when I put her to sleep or hold her. I just feel so sick thinking about the last moments of her life. I know we are suppose to forgive and feel compassion, but this one is really hard to get over. I have always opposed the dealth penalty but then I read about cases like this and I don’t think even the death penalty is harsh enough for the mother and the killer. I just hope Shaniya did not suffer too greatly and now rests in peace in heaven.

  2. Kennethia thompson says

    Thz is a damn shame when a so called “MAN”has 2 get his pleasure from a baby and even a bigger shame for the mom 2 offer her little girls body up like that 4 her own personal gain she needs 2 b done the same way she was done!! As 4 the monster who did this 2 that baby i hope when he goes 2 jail he gets the same treatment he gave lil shaniyah and one last thing how dare her mother even call herself a mom ur a evil non loving “B—H” and if u even had a heart or even loved that baby u should’ve left her with the people who really and honestly loved that baby. BURN N HELL U SICK INNOCENT STEALING, CHILD RAPIST. AND U SORRY POOR EXCUSE 4 A MOTHER U SHOULD HAVE LEFT HER WITH HER REAL PARENT AND REAL FAMILY! SORRY 4 UR LOST 2 THE REAL FAMILY OF SHANIYA DAVIS MAY SHE REST N PEACE OUR HEARTS GOES OUT 2 UR FAMILY FRM MY FAMILY AND THE ENTIRE CITY OF DETROIT MICHIGAN MUCH LOVE KENNETHIA THOMPSON & FAMILY

  3. Lupe Espinoza says

    I am a mother…..Shaniya is an Angel…know no one will ever hurt her again!!She is in the presence of our Lord Jesus..and Our Enternal Father…I grieve for her even though we lived in a different state she is in my prayers and she will not be forgotten…by me…..

  4. Sandy says

    I cannot believe that peoples like this exist. How can you seriously sell you’re own flesh and blood (such an angel face) to these unworthy, pedofile monsters. I hope the mother and these perverts die a slow and painfull death…
    The word “disgust” is too small to describe what I’m feeling now towards the mother….I hope she rots in hell.
    My heart goes out to her father…my prayers are with him. May the Lord carry him through this difficult time.

  5. john says

    Now keep in mind that I lot of the comments I see here that are more megative about the father then they are about the people that actually committed the crime. These people have all been indoctrinated by radical feminist groups. They probably work for SS (social services) CPS (child protective services). They could be advocates that work with the court system. During any incident involving children they stretch, reach, and insinuate the father’s guilt even if they are not present or have no real way. Ussually there is little or no mention of a mom doing anything. They do this to keep peoples perception of men low, not just men but specifically fathers. Even Anina’s last comment Dad had to go to work so aunt checked on Shaniya, doesn’t matter…. Dad catches her wrath. Not the mother that sold her daughter into protitution, not the boyfriend who raped and murdered this little girl…. Who does she blame? the Dad…. Harshly punish everyone…I hope you are not in charge of helping children either…. You are now qualified to fly a kite.

  6. Anina says

    Also, I’d like to add… This was more than a miss step on the fathers part, more than a lapse in judgement. This was neglect. It was, plain and simple. He was hoping someone else would step in and take care of his daughter the way they had with his other kids.

  7. Anina says

    Yes, I just feel that the Father really did not put the best interests of his beautiful baby first. If he had, none of this would have happened because there was NO way IN HELL that a truly caring parent would let their child be alone in an environment that was even the LEAST bit sketchy, NEVER MIND with a “mom” who had a HISTORY of not being able to provide for her child (not only financially but just simply provide a safe place to spend time with her). He would have allowed for supervised visits on his premises or on neutral grounds FIRST for short periods of time for several months. Then, maybe he would have allowed for the mom to stay at his place for an extended period of time to visit with Shaniya, (As anyone who has known a drug addict in recovery knows if you can’t trust them not to steal from your house, you can’t trust them with your baby). Then after doing that for several months, THEN let the mom take her own her own terms for day visits, which would over time lead to weekend visits, but this would all be going on for a very long while, maybe even a year or more, before it would extend to leaving her in her care for over a MONTHS time while you go OUT OF STATE to work! (That’s another thing, when I leave on a business trip for just two days even I am calling myc kids shcools to see how they are doing and calling my husband constantly to see how they are all holding up without me. I am compelled to do this because I care for them, It would never have gone unnoticed that my child was NOT IN SCHOOL!) It may be a little extreme to some, these suggestions, but I just feel that this was a mom with a shady past which everyone but the father seemed to know about, so this isn’t normal circumstances. It required extra caution when planning for visits. I don’t think what I am saying is far out. Besides, you can’t be too safe when it comes to your own child! I mean, that is the real crux of this all. He claims he wanted to allow this heathen of a woman the time to be with her baby, be a mom to her, he felt this was the RIGHT thing to do. But how is it right when it conflicts with the safety and well being of the baby?! Sometimes the “RIGHT” thing is not the right thing, if you get me. I think a caring parent would have done that instinctively, been very cautious about visitation, that is. He seemed to leave Shaniya for such a long time without checking in on her, in a way that just makes me think, he was hoping the mom would be ablet to take her off his hands for good. Sadly, painfully, tragically, she did. (The aunt supposedly did check on Shaniya, but if she did then SHE REALLY has NO excuse for not taking her out of that environment.) That’s all I am going to say on this. I think now it is a time for action. We need to push the justice system to make harsh punishment the norm when it comes to child abuse of any kind. We cannot allow beasts to get away with this rape on society!
    I truly wish I could rewind time and bring this beautiful soul back, I know I cannot but lets make her horrific passing what propels us forward to making this world a better place for all of our children. Don’t turn the other way when you see anything going wrong in someone else’s life either.

  8. john says

    Wow Tya I am impressed. I am also in a split relationship, I have no idea what goes on in the mother’s home. I know through friends that she has been reported to social services and no one from social services contacted me. On several occasions my 30 lb 2 year old daughter has been dropped off to me with bruises in the shape of fingers and hands on her body. I had reported the abuse during the custody hearing and no one cared or listened, my expressed my concerns with social services about other men coming in and out of her mother’s house. I have taken regular pictures of bruises in the hope that one day someone will listen to me and save my daughter. There are witnesses of her squeezing the baby until she had thumb bruises in her chest because the baby was crying. Unfortunately for me and my daughter she accused me of domestic violence so all facts and evidence were thrown out and they listened to the words coming out of my X’s mouth rather then real evidence. Here is a post I put on another site about domestic violence registries and the point of this is to show some of the policies revolving around the help Shaniya should have had…I don’t want to re-type my story…

    Story… “In it’s current state the registry would not effect me, but I have serious issues with this… When I was going through a divorce I was accused of domestic violence, Without any evidence she had me thrown in jail and got sole custody of our daughter. Eventually (after a year and a half of court battles $15000) with witnesses and appeals and getting the transcripts and having them professionally transcribed ($1000 a pop) I was able to prove that she was lying so the domestic violence case was dismissed. Before the case was dismissed I had to pay over $10000 dollars for a temporary custody hearing, in that I was still appealing the domestic violence charge and lost custody of my daughter but was able to secure every other weekend and every Monday and Wednesday although I am no longer her father by law and am still considered a visitor, and because of my background being absolutely clean and was able to secure unsupervised visits. I dont want to even talk about the divorce and what it cost but there once again another reeming. Many men do not have this kind of money, and plead no contest off the bat. 1 Million men a year are thrown in jail on false claims of domestic violence. Social services and child protective services are stretched so thin because anyone can claim domestic violence.

    A few years ago a women in Arizona had a restraining order put on David Letterman, she lived 2000 miles away and admitted she never actually met him. A judge put the restraining order on Dave Letterman because the woman explained that he had been on her TV for the last 11 years and sent her secret messages through the TV forcing her to spend all of her money and this was mental abuse. The judge agreed and the restraining order was issued. It is getting to the point where the “protection” is hurting more people then it is helping. I would be for a registry if the laws revolving around domestic violence were fair, and they are highly stacked against men.

    Here are what some of the laws state, how judges should handle domestic violence cases now…

    The accuser is given 51% of the weight as evidence as the truth (remember the scales of justice are blind, this tips the scales, and removes the blindfold) so given that fact there is also no way for a man to defend himself in court(If her word is 51%, then how can witnesses, video, audio, the person being 2000 miles away be a higher percent of evidence? The most all of those thing combined could be is 49%). Now they do this by charging you in either district court, or civil court (this is how they dodge the constitution). They will not allow any taping or transcripts in district court, and the conviction rate is nearly 100% against men and the conviction rate for women accused of domestic violence is around 4-7%. Less then 1/3 of male on female domestic violence cases are won in criminal court most get dropped because of lack of evidence.

    Now given all those statements, I see and hear many sad stories about women who are in fact victims of domestic violence and I also see and hear many sad stories of the falsely accused. No one will ever have their freedom, until we can come up with a system that doesn’t hurt everyone no matter what…

    People should have to at least show a bruise or a mark or something that looks like they were hit before they throw people in jail or have a witness that says you did it. Something real…A threatening email or message, not just words coming out of one person’s mouth… that’s just to much.”

    Sorry for the laziness, but the point is… And once again… We pay for all of this!!!! For the ones Bea and Tya see in these”areas” where apparently everyone is crazy and only get busted when they finally murder someone. Then guess what? When the murderer gets busted we pay forever until that murderer is gone. We pay for every meal, shower, cable TV, AC, everytime they flush the tiolet, every layer of security and security personnel, the people that bring the food and wash the clothes, their gas, insurance, the judge the court house all those facility expensses, socail services, and all their facility expenses, gas, insurance………And the problem is worse and worse and worse…Our solutions facilitate the problem. We have laws that prevent social services from reporting what is said from one parent to the other. It is against the policy of social services to inform the other parent of anything. What is the point??? No wonder Bea is burnt, no wonder the police are bitter, no wonder people living in this environment are capable of such acts, no wonder I am broke, and so are all of you…it’s because of the solutions. Cleary anyone can make a point about what failed in any part of the process, so I ask you again why blame the dad? Because he went out of town for 1 night? Because he wanted a night off? And like Tya said they have been trading back and forth…. When I do that with my daughter I don’t see inside her house, she doesn’t see in mine. We don’t even talk. What is the point??? Someone said in an earlier post to teach empathy? I think they are on to something. And wake up because not just the dad is broke everyone and everything is broke…. I just wanted to comment earlier that I felt like he was trying to do the right thing by reaching out to the mother even though she had problems well we all do.

  9. venice mentor says

    It is obvious, reading some of these responses, that there are many people who need relief from depression, need recovery from emotional disorders, mood disorders, major depression, bipolar depression, manic-depression, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, nervous mental disease, psychosomatic disorders, codependency and overlying addictions, angry, aggressive, or criminal behavior, etc., etc.,etc. Tya, please get help or we may be reading about you in the paper in the future. Also remember, hind sight is 20/20 vision.

    In situations such as the death of Shaniya, “woulda, coulda, shoulda”, always seems to be the direction people take. Keep your mind keen, your eyes open and your ears in tune for you may be able to catch a crime in the making, before it gets out of hand. Let your voices be heard and help stop these types of crimes from happening. You can make a difference without going on a witch hunt.

  10. Tya says

    PHIL IN RESPONSE TO YOUR REMARKS ((((( I suggest you try walking in the shoes of other people. I have walked many miles and have seen many things))))))TRY WALKING A LIFETIME IN MY SHOES YOU CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO KNOW ANYWHERE I’VE WALKED
    I SEXUALLY ABUSED I WAS BEATEN, STARVED, MY STEPFATHER MURDERED MY 10YR OLD SISTER,don’t even think I couldn’t tell you some horrid stuff My life was crap but I never turned to drugs,My point is there was alot of red flags here and nobody got strong enough to get involved,Meth and Crack are the DEVIL HERE. THE GRACE OF GOD SAVED ME and I’m no way walking a perfect know it all life but I always listen rather than talk over someone and I ALWAYS TRY to see the BIGGER PICTURE, I’M SORRY if I sound harsh its just my grief for this precious child,and seeing my 10yr old sister beat to death sickens me.

  11. Tya says

    PHIL IN RESPONSE TO YOUR REMARKS ((((( Every time you or I speed on the way to the store, each time we allow our kids to stay our too late, or 100 other situations where disaster lurks around the corner.)))))TRUE ,BUT Would you let your own child go stay with this evil woman or boyfriend? NO YOU WOULD NOT and neither WOULD I ITS called being responcible and that father wasnt even raising his other kids and as far as BEA GOES I ADMIRE YOUR INTELLECT BEA AND I UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY KEEP ON ALWAYS A FRIEND Tya ,Thank God we are not like some whos popsicle has started to melt slurp slurp.

    • Phil Butler says

      Actually Tya, I did allow my child to be with his evil mother. A long time ago, and perhaps not quite as evil as this woman, but on the edge of it. One hopes against hope in such situations. One lays awake at night hoping a mom will be a mom, hoping he did the right thing. I suggest you try walking in the shoes of other people. I have walked many miles and have seen many things. Been a good person, and stumbled along the edges of being a bad one at times.

      I guess it is all relative and conditional. Once someone goes to where this mom did, it is very hard to come back. But, I have known people who did it. Like you, I think the woman should be dropped from an airplane without a parachute..she crossed the line of humanity. Her payment however, will be a dark abyss none of us can imagine I would guess.

      This father made a terrible mistake in judgment. His life will be forever shadowed by this. I think that is enough punishment given his situation in all this. Maybe even too much. The other people are a different story. As for us, we have to ride the razor of humanity and compassion too.


  12. Tya says


    Shaniya had spent most of the past three or four years living with Lockhart at his home in northern Cumberland County. Lockhart characterized his recent relationship with Antoinette Davis as typical of one between parents in a split family.

    Lockhart is a contractor who often works out of state. He said Shaniya had been staying with her mother since Oct. 9 while he was gone. His sister, Carey Lockhart-Davis, said Shaniya had split her time between her and Antoinette Davis since then.

    Those caring for Lockhart’s older children say he knew Davis’ home was not safe for Shaniya and that he should not have allowed her to stay there.

    Tim Allen has been caring for Lockhart’s 17-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, since July. Cheyenne lives with Allen and his daughters, with whom she attends Pine Forest High School. Allen said Lockhart agreed Oct. 1 to let Shaniya stay with his family at night while Lockhart was gone and for her to spend the days at a day care run by Allen’s mother. A day later, Allen said, Lockhart told him he had changed his mind.

    “He said he knew she wasn’t supposed to be over there, but he wanted to give her biological mother a chance,” Allen said. On Oct. 3, Lockhart left town, Allen said, returning the day Shaniya went missing.

    Cheyenne said she didn’t have much contact with Shaniya’s mother, but Cheyenne never thought she was capable of her alleged involvement in the girl’s disappearance. But she said her father knew of problems in the Davis home.

    “He knew Antoinette wasn’t capable of taking care of Shaniya,” Cheyenne said.

    Lockhart has said that Davis had been holding a steady job and that he wanted her to have a relationship with her daughter. He said twice during Tuesday’s news conference that he didn’t know the entire situation involving Davis and the Department of Social Services.

    Cheyenne is one of three children Lockhart had with his wife of seven years, Vickie Sue Lockhart.

    In 1998, Vickie Sue Lockhart was murdered along with her 19-year-old sister at a home on Graham Road. The two women were bound, gagged and shot with a shotgun in what police said was a robbery.

    Three others also were shot; one, 24-year-old David Epps, also died. Two men were later convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

    Since the murders, Cheyenne and her brothers stayed mostly with their grandparents, Byron and Phyllis Coleman, in the Remington subdivision behind Seventy-First High School.

    “We’ve had a lot of tragedy in our family,” said Byron Coleman, Vickie Sue Lockhart’s father.

    Coleman said he was angry about Shaniya’s death.

    “He knew the situation with this girl,” Coleman said. “He knew the kind of environment.

    “Why take Shaniya back to a woman like that? That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

    The Colemans and Brad Lockhart have been on opposing sides in several lawsuits in recent years, most of which were dismissed. A case filed in 1998 resulted in the Colemans being granted custody of their grandchildren and child support in 2007, according to court files.

    Before Shaniya’s death, Lockhart was paying child support on three children, including Shaniya and two of the children from his marriage.

    “I would have kept Shaniya, but he never asked me,” Phyllis Coleman said. “After all, I kept his (other) three children.”

    On Tuesday afternoon, Lockhart publicly thanked everyone involved – law enforcement agencies and volunteers – in searching for his daughter.

    “They did the best job they can do,” he said. “I thank you so much for not forgetting about Shaniya and bringing her home. It’s not the result I wanted. It’s not the result any father or family would want for their children, but God has a greater calling for all of us.”

    As he stood outside his home, the front porch covered in stuffed animals and silk flowers, Lockhart’s hand shook as he read from a page of notes.

    He begged anyone with knowledge of other endangered children to notify authorities.

    “Report it, and if you’re unable to report it … take it to somebody that can,” he said.

    Neighbor Scott Rollston said a memorial page has been set up on Facebook and a foundation has been established in Shaniya’s name. Donations can be made at the Wachovia Bank on Morganton Road.

    Shaniya’s funeral arrangements will be made through McLaughlin Chapel, the Lockhart family church, Rollston said.

    Lockhart said Shaniya was “full of joy.”

    “Every day was special with Shaniya,” he said. “Once she was your friend, she was your friend for life

  13. john says

    Tya, life is evil?
    his house is upscale?

    Let’s take a step back in time for a second, Bea is someone who has worked in this area for 30 years and it’s gotten worse, I wonder if she is paid by the state?

    This area? Let’s talk about this area, I wonder how many people are living in this area with “assistance” from the state. I wonder if the families all receive housing “assistance” and monthly “welfare” checks? All of us that pay taxes to the government to “assist” these people in this “bad area” have created this problem. For the sake of helping people the government has created an inescapable nightmare. These communities are called “ghetto’s” do you know where the term comes from? I will tell you, it comes from a time in Germany when the Nazi’s moved all the Jews into an community, they called Ghetto’s.

    Now back to Bea 30 years ago, I bet she was so full of life wanting to be in law enforcement and help people. Now I don’t doubt that Bea still wants to help people and according to her own statements she is burnt out, look at how people think of these area’s?

    Tya, you are right racism does wear a smile, and it comes with a check and housing. You get all this “free” stuff you just have to live in an area with no hope, no jobs, constant violence and drug use. Combine that with what Bea said about it on a more granular level, grandma and grandpa, brother and sister, aunts and uncles, all physically abusing and sexually abusing children and each other. Have all these sex offender registries and soon to be domestic violence registries (which will include anyone that has had a restraining order on them) have they helped? Remember the guy in California ( he was on the list), social services, the police, everyone was called and there was an abducted girl living in a tent with her 2 children sired by him in the back yard, and no one knew? The police were there, social services visited… how long was that little girl back there? Remember you are paying for all of these services out of your pocket, so you don’t have to be inconvenienced to talk to your neighbors. We created these arena’s and morbidly watch the results and judge. Some people judge it with racism, some blame the government, some take a individualist approach and judge each situation on individual merit. So if you want to boil it down there are many levels of blame for shaniya’s death, the most direct is the mother and boyfriend. Dad may have made the wrong move, but that point is mute. What if he pout her in a sumer camp and she died? Is he guilty then too? or if he let her ride in a car with a friend? Shanyia was with her mom for around a month, I am sure he called and checked in on her and she peobably said everything was fine. Does anyone know if they found any drugs in Shaniya’s system? Shaniya may not have known what was happening if mom and friends had her high. She may not have been able to tell her dad what was happening….

  14. john says

    all that is gold does not glitter…

    YO! BEA and every other feminist you guys\gals are right. Let the mother out of jail we should really focus on the dad

  15. venice mentor says

    Jan, after you get some time away from “walking on water” and your “clairvoyance” expedition, why don’t travel the world as politician or a judge? Your are right for the pickings and I am sure the place where you live would like some relief from your wrath and none sense.

    • Phil Butler says

      Tya, We all share your hurt and dismay at hearing of these events. I somehow do not think ridiculing the father is going to help here tho. I think people like him make mistakes all the time (we all do) never really having to experience the payment for those mistakes like he is. We just don’t lose that badly to put it simply, we get as break in escaping bad decisions all the time. Every time you or I speed on the way to the store, each time we allow our kids to stay our too late, or 100 other situations where disaster lurks around the corner.

      Certainly putting your child in the hands of a dope addict, and into a bad socio-economic situation may not be advisable. However, we have not walked a mile in that man’s shoes either. Who knows the situation completely. As for the ones principally responsible for this little angel’s rape and death? The limits of my own religious beliefs would be tested sorely I know. I doubt the woman and her accomplice would make it to the defendant’s box at the trial alive. That is just me though.

      I appreciate all the comments and opinions here. They are, in essence, the things we all feel in waves – if we are honest. I hope we can all band together at some point to make things better for little kids. As grown ups, it is really, our only job.


  16. Tya says

    TO ((Genesis Davies)) I highly doubt he would have raised his daughter for 4 years and then just brushed her off. Most guys worry about raising a girl alone, it’s not easy! He was probably thinking that if her mother could be a good mother,


  17. Tya says

    Thank You Bea ,you are 100% right she went from an upscale neighbor hood to trash,he should have been going out snd checking on her or even taking her more often, something , please world read between the lines for these babies of the world, you can see it in their eyes ,look deep into their soul of their eyes.This evil evil so called woman that carried this child was a one night stand,what bpart of the hood did he find her in ,and how recieving had his family welcomed Shaniya ? One night stand Bi-Racial child white uppy class ,and dont lecture me on how good they were to her even though shes (tsk) (tsk) mixed ,my children are blk/white and trust me racisim has a smile on its face ,and I do believe the mother used her from her racist stand point ,shes mixed therefore theres a hint of seperation that what the HELL. I KNOW OUR Lord is watching this and it is not good when you mess with his Little Ones .He is a Just God.Shaniya I never knew you but I LOVE YOU ,PLEASE LORD LETS US ALL OBSERVE LIFE AND PROTECT THOSE WHO CANNOT PROTECT THEIR SELVES

  18. Jan says

    It was obvious that the father did not want to raise Shaniya anymore and he was willing to dump her off to her drug addict mother. His own sister admitted that the Shaniya’s mother was unfit. Come on everyone, wake up the smell the coffee. He had 5 children from 3 different women. He had his girlfriends take care of Shaniya, he was an absent father. Why would you send a child raised in an upscale neighborhood to live in a dump? I tell you, a father that didn’t give a sh*t. So, stop living in denial people and wake up!

  19. john says

    Bea I will repeat me statement again. ” So IF (IF IF IF IF) you had children 15 years ago while you lived in this area you agree they should be taken from you? Why don’t you go to the legislature and have them create a bill taking away all the children from all the parents that live in all ghetto’s. See how that would fly.”

    It doesn’t surprise me that you are in law enforcement. When did I say I thought this was uncommon? Also I did not ask you to speculate, I asked to play pretend which is completely different. Candy coated world? IS that what you read in my statement? My candy coated world desribed that there was nothing anyone could do to lead to happiness? Once again I am not surprised you are in law enforcement. The law enforcement bitterness shines through, you are mean and petty. Let me replay your statement ” I am getting sick of “poor daddy”.”. Maybe you think he should go to jail for child endangerment along with his sister, Shaniya’s aunt. She was a “mother” to that child more then the “mother” are you sick of her? More of your statements “This “dad” was totally irresponsible.” (I shutter to think you are responsible for piecing childrens lives back together, they are better off living in the woods alone) and “Why do you send a child raised in an upscale neighborhood to the depths of hell ghetto? Because her one nite stand drug using mama wanted a chance?” You should not be working with children you are traumatized yourself. And that Bea is why I said I can’t help you.

  20. Bea says

    John…I did not say I had children in this area in my comment. If you really must know I was in law enforcement. My current employment is in a facility where we try to piece back together children that were so severely sexually abused that they too became abusers. We have children as young as 5. You think that Shaniya’s story is a nightmare? The stories of the children I work with would make you vomit. You think that this is uncommon? The actuality would give you screaming nightmares.! The abusers are all FAMILY members. Mom and dad. Grandma and grandpa. Auntie and uncle. Brother and sister. Very few single parents by the way. It is easier if you have an enabler. You want me to put “pettiness” aside? You want to me to speculate on whether Shaniya would be alive if she had not gone to her mother? If I blindfold you and put you in the middle of the road the odds of you crossing the highway without getting hit are better than that child’s for survival! Pure and simple. I don’t need to Google anything to back me up. I have 30 years of job experience and education. Let’s get out of our candy coated world. Reality check time and by the way this sexual exploitation of children did not just start happening it has always been there! Facilities like mine do not advertise. You want to put pettiness aside and do what’s best for the children all the time? You contradict yourself. Was it really best for this child to be sent? Did she really need unsupervised time with this woman with the history she had in the area she lived? Was she really going to be traumatized by the time she was 18 if she did not find out and experience this woman.? Having a vagina and uterus does not convey sainthood.

  21. john says

    Thank you Genesis Davies a voice of reason. Bea well I can’t help you. So if you had children 15 years ago while you lived in this area you agree they should be taken from you? Why don’t you go to the legislature and have them create a bill taking away all the children from all the parents that live in all ghetto’s. See how that would fly.

    Here is what I propose… That the father did not make a mistake, he did the right thing. The mistake was made by the mother and boyfriend, if you can even call it that. It’s revolutionary, wow what a concept.

    Let’s play a game called pretend, we will make pretend. What if the father didn’t let the daughter live with the mother? Can you guarantee she would still be alive? (no but her chances are much better) Now, fast forward 13 years in the future. Shaniya Davis lived to be 18 years old and never got to see her mother, and resented her father for the rest of his life for not allowing his daughter to see his mother. Statistically, what happens to children that only live with one parent, disaster happens, that’s what happens. The have mental issues requiring medication most often, become drug addicts, drop out of school, become increasing in trouble with the law. Shaniya’s well being critically hinged on her mother doing the right thing and the mother failed. If you are a single parent and have some BS dispute with your X. You better make sure it’s worth your child’s well being because trauma will ensue for the child or children. Read. Look it up. Google it. Look at all the data. What you will see will surprise and sicken you. It’s time to put pettiness aside and do what’s best for the children all the time. One of the toughest things to be in this world is a parent, the parent is the end all example for all children whether they like it or not.

  22. Lawand says

    As I read through everyones comments and responses and though I share the same anguish, hurt, anger, depression my spirit has spoken to me on another level. They say in the bible “no one sin is greater than the other” so for me to wish hell on these people who have hurt little Shaniya makes me no better than them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m human and a mother of a 9 yr old bi-racial little girl and expecting my first boy, so as a mother and in my flesh I am OUTRAGED! If anyone on this site is a Christian PLEASE don’t lose the value of our Faith and what our savior expects of us. The Lord protects babies and fools and although the flesh of that precious baby has been taken her spirit is with the King. As for her mother and the man that did this to her, they are obviously sick and I have to muster everything in me to pray for them because that’s what my Father would require of me. I sympathize and empathize with her father and commend him for TRYING to do right by his daugther regardless of how everyone else felt. If he ever gets to read this I would like to say he SHOULD NOT blame himself. The lord knows his heart and knows he was trying to do the right thing by allowing shaniya’s mother her rights AS a mother whether her actions showed her to be a good one or not. Let’s change the tone of this tragic situation and direct it on a spiritual level. These individuals may have undergone the same type of torment that little shaniya did, when they were children and there was no one there to protect them and pray for them and now they are “monsters” because of what someone has done to them. You just never know what a person has gone through to commit the crimes they do. It does not make it right but not everyone sees things or hears things the same. So I’m gonna prayer for all the comments I read today that wished death on these people, even myself. I was watching them on Nancy Grace today in outrage and disguised. I even feel that the men should be castrated and their hands removed so they would NEVER be able to hurt another child again and the mother also by giving her a historectomy. Their lives though is not up to me God can do way more than we can. Take a minute to pray for your own forgiveness and pray for the lost souls of the people who has done this crime.

  23. says

    This is truly a horrible, horrible story and sadly, it’s not the only atrocious one out there. :(

    I think blaming the father is easy to do, but not necessarily right. I highly doubt he would have raised his daughter for 4 years and then just brushed her off. Most guys worry about raising a girl alone, it’s not easy! He was probably thinking that if her mother could be a good mother, it would benefit his daughter. People tend to be very good at hiding things when it comes to crimes like this, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the mother had presented a decent house and a great attitude . . . why else would he even consider letting his child live with her?

    Yes, he made a mistake, one that will haunt him for the rest of his life, but the real people to blame are the ones who committed the crime.

  24. venice mentor says

    I am a 62 year old woman who has raised four children and I find blaming the father in this situation, extremely offensive. Damned if you do and damned if don’t. It will always be something with people like you and your type of reasoning. Leave the man alone, as I am sure he is suffering enough as it is. What is the matter with you!!!

  25. Tara says

    It’s so unbelievably HEARTWRENCHING. Kiss your children every night and pray that they stay safe from the sickos in this world. Anyone who harms a child should have no mercy. RIP sweet angel, Shaniya.

  26. Tara says

    I keep looking at the photos of sweet little Shaniya over and over. What happened to this dear child makes me sick to my stomach and so very sad. I have a 5-yr old daughter who shares both the sparkle that Shaniya had in her eyes, and the precious smile full of life on her face. I think about the situation Shaniya was in, a helpless child, yet making the best out of what life had dealt her. I read that she had been abused regularly when seeing her mother, coming home with cigarette burns on her arms, legs and next to her eye. She was in a place full of drugs and filthy behaviour, yet she still smiled and showed joy. She was so innocent and trusting, like every 5-yr old. Her photos at school with her backpack, posing for the camera, and even being carried thru the hotel in the surveillance video, they are haunting. I can hardly think about what she must have gone thru. It is beyond upsetting to picture this little girl, so beautiful and full of personality, something like this happening to her is horrific. I can only hope that her angels were with her the whole time, until they took her home. I think about the extent to which we take measures to protect our children and keep them safe. Someone should have protected little Shaniya, I want so badly to say HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? This mother is no mother, her drugs were more important to her than her own precious child!! Both she and the man that took Shaniya and did God knows what to her (& ANYONE else involved!) deserve everything they have coming, and more. And I am a Christian, Shaniya was God’s child before she was all of ours. Rest your little head in peace sweet girl, no one can ever hurt you again. XOXO

  27. Bea says

    This “dad” was totally irresponsible. Why do you send a child raised in an upscale neighborhood to the depths of hell ghetto? Because her one nite stand drug using mama wanted a chance? A chance for what? I know this area. 15 years ago it was high crime and drugs and it didn’t get better with age. I am getting sick of “poor daddy”.

  28. says

    Unbelievable. I cannot imagine how anyone could allow such atrocious things to be done to their own child – to any child!!! And as I sat here watching the video, with tears streaming down my face, I also can’t even begin to fathom the pain and suffering that she went through, or that her father and aunt are experiencing right now. May God be with them.

  29. john says

    AngrierandAngrierandAngrier you need help. Let’s look at this seriously I am worried about you.

    I am not a violent person then you said that you want God to take control of someone and using something sharp to make that person slaughter the people responsible for the death of this girl until they are unidentifiable. <– I call that a violent person

    It gets worst you almost savor the violence… I want it slow, real slow then something about lava because they have no blood.

    Everyone deserves due process it is an unalienable human right.

    I agree the people that are responsible for her death have huge issues but their issues didn't start on the day this little girl was murdered or on the day they found this little girls lifeless body. The issues began a long time ago. The contruct that these and all people live under leads to these types of scenerios. I saw an earlier post where someone spoke of teaching empathy in school. There is something to that comment. There is a big issue I believe with "doublethink" and this leads to bad things. Doublethink is when you think the 2 things are true even though they are opposite. The last post is repleat with Examples: I am not violent and I wish people are murdered slowly and painfully tell you cannot identify them. Also, they are dirt, scum, grime, and evil <– this is also a triplethink however the point is to dehumanize the people that hurt this girl. I am sorry they are still human and they went to the same schools and had the same teachers that you did, they went to the same churches.

    Let's look at what dad said about the mother… He said she came back and asked him for a chance to be a mother to her daughter. So being a mother meant something completely different to him then it did to her. Think about it, dad is probably thinking (and thanking god) that this woman wants a chance to redeem herself as a mother thus making her daughter happy and secure… Mom is thinking that being a mother means selling your daughter into prostitution (making money off her). One statement meant 2 completely different things to 2 people. Either of them didn't express what they were really thinking to each other in detail. I am pretty sure that Dad didn't cry on the spot with joy when he heard the offer and confess to the mother that statistics show children that spend equal time with both parents have huge benefits for the child. The right to know your parents. I am pretty sure that the mother when she asked to be with her daughter for awhile, didn't explain that what she meant by being a mother, that it actually means pimping out your 5 year old to death. What was the advantage for anyone to tell the truth? In todays society there is no advantage to telling the truth, school, the law, social services all of these things scare people away from the truth or outright deny the truth. So many children die at the hands of their mother's and it's time to face the truth. We have a societal problem with the truth about mothers. What we picture is not reality, what we picture is an advertisement and not the truth. We have to grow up and face the truth. Mom's most often kill babies.

  30. AngrierandAngrierandAngrier says

    I am not a violent person and forgive me for what i’m about to say, but if there is a God in Heaven and I believe there is, may he open up a way for someone to walk up behind Shaniya’s mother and her accomplice/s and take whatever they can find that is sharp, and slaughter them in such a way that they are unidentifiable. I want it slow, real slow, and I want pictures of Shaniya to be displayed in front of them as the lava (not blood – no body who treats an innocent child the way they have, has any blood running through them) drip slowly out of their bodies. They are dirt, scum, grime, evil personified. I HATE looking at them. Due process? They do not deserve a day in court. They’re going to get it in prison. I’m logging off my computer and I’m praying, praying, praying hard…for them to get what they deserve.

  31. john says

    Everyone is asking how could this happen and then disgusted blames the father???

    Do you actually think anyone would even pretend to know that this is a possibility even??? People are all asking how??? No one understands… So why “disgusted” and in what tortured hell do you call reality that makes you believe that anyone would think that the mother of your daughter would do any of those things that this mother did. What I ask you??? The best thing you can come up with is that it is dad’s fault???? HUH? Do you think he should be spying on her??? You think that would work out for him? What do you think the police would do if they found him staking the place out for prostitution? Do you think she was going to tell him hey I am a prostitute that partakes in human smuggling for the purpose of prostitution and I want to take our daughter to the zoo? DADS FAULT!

    How easily you shrugged away the fact that all of this happened under mother’s watchful eye, with her new boyfriend or old boyfriend it doesn’t matter. I guarantee that this little girl loved her dad more then anything in the world, and you just trashed him.

  32. Andrew - Australia says

    How sad. A little girl with a life ahead of her selfishly taken from her. She has now joined heaven with all the other children who have wrongfully had their lives taken from them.

    Perhaps we need to start teaching “empathy” in schools. A human is capable of anything if it has no feelings of empathy, consideration of feelings or sympathy etc towards another human.

  33. Disgusted says

    The father should have been smarter! How could he let this child go from his nice, safe home to that filthy squalor! He really should have known better. Did he check in on Shaniya while she was living in the trailor? Well I’m sorry for venting on the father but like everybody else I’m just so angry! Just seeing this little girl looking up at that elevator and then at the press conference the father refers to that man as “Mr. McNeil” without any rage! How could this happen to this little girl??? How could this happen!!

  34. hla says

    This story is so sad, I heard it on the news tonight and my jaw just dropped. I feel so sorry for this little girl, and I can’t believe anyone would do something like this to their child. I hope both her mother and the murderer receive the death penalty.

  35. rita says

    It’s worse than we even know. Take action. Become an abolitionist. Do something to help stop this. It is a horror but we need to do more than judge – we need to rescue and repair lives -we need to make it impossible for human trafficing of anyone to happen – and I’m telling you. It’s everywhere. And there’s something you can do. I don’t do nearly enough, myself. It’s getting really, really bad though. Become an Abolitionist and make it impossible for them.

  36. Linda says

    I’m heart broken. I’m sorry Shaniya, that you suffered horribly while we slep in our warm beds, you were asulted. God keep you now little angele and I’m hoping and praying a good law will be carried in your name. You will not be forgotten Shaniya. RIP

  37. Nicole Vinh says

    RIP Shaniya Davis. Such a beautiful girl. Taken so fast. :(

    “Dear angel, i have no words but only love
    for you are God’s angel now, soaring like a white dove.
    Your darling eyes, and curly hair
    my love for you, i’d like to share.
    you are gone, but your innocence remain
    your beast will die in vain.
    for he took you one night when all was asleep
    and for that, we continue to weep.
    Blessed are you, you went through Heaven’s gate.
    God will now protect you, he controls your fate.”

    Dedicated to Shaniya Nicole Davis
    Love, Nicole V.

  38. Laura says

    John, I totally agree that this child was better off with her dad, and I’m a divorced mother with full custody of her two children. My ex was abusive towards me, but I am very supportive of his rights to see his children, despite his constant lying about me and continual efforts to blacken my reputation and deny his abuse. I understand and empathize with your anger at a system that is heavily weighted against fathers — I stayed with an abusive man for eleven years because he WAS a good father, and I had never had one, and wanted my children to. You are obviously extremely intelligent from your verbiage and writing abilities — I’m an Army officer and professional writer. There are two sides to most stories, but, in poor Shaniya’s case, only one. This mother is an obscene monster, who deserves to have her children, born and yet to be born, taken from her, and then given the death penalty after trial, in my opinion. The dad sounds a decent man who unfortunately was trying too hard to be fair to a woman who didn’t deserve it. Fathers are extremely important, and boyfriends and stepfathers ARE often culprits when it comes to sexual assaults. I have not remarried in the eight years since my divorce primarily for that reason, although there have been opportunities. I was sexually assaulted as a child, but am no man-hater. I would just like to ask you not to be a woman-hater. Although I have been victimized repeatedly by men, both as a child and as an adult, I still have faith that many, like you, are good and decent, so please extend us the same courtesy. God bless you, and let’s work together for fathers’ rights, and childrens’ rights. I pray for the repose of Shaniya’s soul, and the death penalty for all the monsters who were involved in her torture and death.

  39. says

    my little niece new shaniya Davis she was one of her friends from school she is an the same grade as her. my nicece name is Maniya Booker she new her and she was in pre-k with her. and my sister is sad about it and I sorry about your about your lost of the little girl and I said she was a sweet little girl and nice and kind and she was also Beautiful.and loving person to be around with and I will miss her alot and she had alot of friends.why did the mother was do something like this. this is a sad story to hear. on the news.

  40. john says

    Shohga one social worker can’t even care for one child. You say they need resources? They could have picked up a phone and called the father and alerted him. That costs nothing extra the phones are already paid. False allegations account for at least half the “cases” and if anything false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. It is estimated that false allegations cost this country 20 billion dollars a year. So maybe the policy of believing the accuser 100% of the time needs to change too much effort is spent by CPS going after innocent men. CPS and DSS and the courts have also expanded violence to include controlling the bank account and disagreeing with your wife. Maybe the policy should revolve around facts instead of changing definitions and automatically assuming that all men are violent. This case is a perfect example and statistically true that kids are the safest around their dads and most likely to suffer abuse and neglect from their mothers. Even given the facts most people don’t equate mothers with neglect, which is most often the case. Children living with a single mom and her boyfriend are 800 times more likely to be abused then when they live with their dads. Call me out on this I dare you I will send you so much data you won’t know what to do with it. The facts are often dodged by the national womens organization, the leading proponent of throwing innocent men in jail, they even admit that it is ok to throw innocent men in jail since the guilty ones will get caught too. The problem with that is that everyday 4000 children are permanantly seperated from their fathers. 45% of all children in this country now do not get to see their fathers. False accusations are what’s killing CPS and they should be mad, but they are not, in fact they embrace them, all sorts of federal dollars are being spent to prop up programs that are violations of everyone’s civil rights. No due process, no equal protection under the law, have you ever heard of a bettered men’s shelter? Men are refused entrance into shelter’s just because they are men. Restraining orders are issued where women are given the house, car, money, kids and every possesion belonging to the man except for clothes, tools of trade, and tioletries. How are we supposed to get to work, to pay child support, take a shower…. Then if we can’t work we are called dead beat dads. A million false accusations a year. Think about it one million men a year are put into a cycle of homelessness and jail, just because someone lied. And you want to pour more money into this. If CPS was not laden with false accusations and had the ability to dial a phone number this girl would still be alive and many many others.

  41. Michelle says

    I have only one thing to say to Shaniya’s Mother:

    I pray that there is a just God, that he throws you into the pits of hell to experience over and over again and through all eternity every emotion, every ounce of pain that little Shaniya suffered at the hands of her murderer the last moments of her little life here on this earth!

    If there was a way that I could have this message reach her . . . I would gladly submit it.

  42. shohga says

    I agree with you Anina and thank you for your thoughtful response to this maddening story. I, too, was stricken by the surveillance footage and I have cried too many times since I first saw it. My daughter clings to me like that when I take her to bed at night. Shaniya’s trusting little face haunts me.

    One of my dearest friends works with CFS and you can’t imagine how horribly it affects her to be responsible for so many and have so little resources and so little time to chase down families and do the best for kids. Until we start supporting the agencies that protect our children (and every child is our collective responsibility) by making sure they are staffed as needed and receive the backup they need from law enforcement and the courts, we will have our hearts broken again and again by these stories. One social worker can’t care for hundreds of children. It’s hard to care for our own kids when we have two or three and not miss things going on in their lives. Imagine you have a hundred and you can’t even find them or the parents half the time. We as a society have to put grief into action and not let this wound scab over with apathy, not even leaving a scar behind to remind us we cared, for too few moments, about one little girl and how differently her life could have been.

  43. Anina says

    I feel horrible about this. I have two daughters. One of them, my 3 year old, actually looks a LOT like precious Shaniya. I keep waking up from dreams of this little Angel as if she were one of my own, lost. My heart is so broken, my throat sore from crying so hard and long over the possibilities, of the fear and pain she may have suffered in her loss of innocence. This actually has me so depressed right now. Depressed, and almost hopeless.

    This was not my child, but she was. She was all of ours. That is what is missing from this world. We no longer extend ourselves out to one another as a community until tragedy strikes. We turn the other way or hope someone else will take care of that homeless person passed out on the street. We are afraid to get involved if someone is being beaten in our midst. We think to ourselves, “Someone else will help them.” The old African Proverb that it takes a Village to raise a child is truly lost on us. We need to get back to that. We cannot continue to be a “me” society. When things like this happen to an innocent soul it effects all of us. A piece of our collective humanity is lost.

    I hope that we all take away from this horror that we must teach our innocent children to protect themselves, save themselves, so that when no one around them has their best interests in mind they can act on their own behalf. It is so sad that Shaniya had no safe place, the people who were most poised to take care and protect her, did not. The most heart breaking photos of her are in the hotel surveillance cameras. She looked like my daughter as I carry her off to bed at night. Shaniya’s eyes so trusting. She also looked so scared at that same time though. I project that she felt so scared but believed that these people knew what was best for her so she trusted, as only innocent children can. It is making me cry again just thinking of that part of this. How do we teach the youngest among us to look out for themselves, if something doesn’t feel right… How do we tell them to save themselves from these types of horrors without stripping them of their pure innocence? How do we tell them that their own protectors, parents, can fail them? And on a certain level in this case I am a bit skeptical about the father too, My heart goes out to him, but I also question how he could have let his child go to this place that was so unsafe. I think there must have been a clue, as the aunt (his sister) had a clue that the so called “mother” was negligent. I just know that when I leave my own children with anyone( even for a short time), I do a walk through of the place, I want to know who will be around my child. I make surprise drop ins to make sure things are going smoothly when caretakers are not expecting me, so they can’t put on a show. I will not let my children be in the care of anyone for any length of time, certainly not an extended length of time when I have even the slightest inkling that she may be in even the smallest danger. Even if it is family! I know that this was the little girls mom, but knowing she had a history, I would not have a greed to a long time right off the bat, It would have had to happen at a slow pace, with visits under my supervision first, before any lengthy stays would happen. I am probably the only person feeling this way, but dare I say, I do feel that the father was a bit negligent in that area. In that way he failed her too. I said it. I feel sad about that but I feel it should be a lesson to all parents that we need to trust our instincts. Always do what is best FOR THE CHILD. In this instance he probably thought it was “right” to have a child be with her mother, but not all mothers are good mothers as clearly shown in how this played out. Now none of what I said is meant to be an attack on the father. I am sure he loved his daughter, and I am sure he feels the tremendous weight of his guilt and will for life… But I want it to be a lesson if there is anything positive to be taken from this hell. My anger is breeding judgement, but I am a harsh judge on myself too, let it be known. I just want to do the best for all children of the world. I think we all should.

  44. Mahati says

    I am so sorrowful, Shaniya was a baby. This world has gone mad how could they do this my heart is so distraught, I am so fearful for the youth of today. We live on a scary planet where children have no chance.

    • Phil Butler says

      Us too Mahati, We have to secure this world for them, and out future. Thanks for stopping in.


  45. john says

    My God! Does anyone value human life anymore?

    PS Warning Rant:

    Child protective services knew that there had been drug busts at residence’s she was listed at living in. They never informed the father of this precious angel. Department of social services is the most inept group of people I have ever heard of in my life. If you are the biological parent of a child you should be informed and questioned about everything you know, when a child could be presumed to be in danger. All of these people are guilty of letting this child die. DSS is guilty of not following through, not looking at a situation and diseminating the correct action once again. How many times does someone witness child abuse or is told of child abuse and the investigation is automatically closed because no one else calls it in. RIDICULOUS!!!! I WANT TO BE IN CHARGE OF SOCIAL SERVICES. They could have stopped this… Any piece of information they could have shared with the father may have saved this girl’s life. BOTH BIOLOGICAL PARENTS HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR CHILD! In this case it is WAY clear that he was the responsible one he had won custody!!!! How can a man win custody??? He must have been an astronaut, a doctor, a priest, in other words he had to be able to prove he was the best, adhering to standards that no woman has ever had to face in family court EVER!!!!! Then what does he do!!! Amazingly the right thing based on information he had at the time, let her be with her mom for awhile. Sharing parenting, what a novel concept! IF he had known she was getting busted for drugs and having a continuing drug problem, prostitution problem, human trafficing problem he would have never have agreed to it! CPS (child protective services) is one of the most dangerous organizations in our country. Riddled with blanket policies designed to protect people from being caught for child abuse. 3 days notice before visiting. Scheduled visits, they only act on an accusation if it is against a man, when they believe false accusations they put the child in more danger, these people are the worst ever! I guarantee that if you have dealt with DSS or CPS you have had you civil rights violated and you have quite possibly met the dumbest person that ever walked in your sight. These people make decisions via feminist tribunals…..

  46. Lavanda says

    This is an horrific situation. I’m really sickened by the whole story. That 5 yr old was 1st stripped of her innocence, violated brutally, and murdered. There has to be enormous justice waiting for her so DA get on your game. 2nd, the mother has a special place waiting for her (it just might get a little to warm)HELLL!!!!!!!!!!
    3rd to the guy(kidnapper/child rapists) THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!!

    Last but not least, to SWEET little SHANIYA DAVIS may your memory live on in all our minds forever in a day!! REST IN PEACE my dear little angel.

  47. kda says

    This and then there are the Mohlers.

    However I find it interesting that in the Mohler case, in which gang rapeincest and burying of newborn baby produced by it (arguably alive at birth) — in a box in the basement then covered over, with cement (their own blood mind you) is not meeting with any fanatical outcries.

    Instead it is met by far more civilized language and cautious reactions. With words like “alleged”, “accused”, “innocent until proven guilty”, and what not. Are these children’s abusers not deserved of the words ‘Monsters’ and cries to execute them too? Or is that bloodletting hitting too close to home?

    Neither should be excused, however if you want to paint with a broad brush, and mention monster’s don’t forget what heinous acts were perputated on the Mohler children. They and that poor dead (murdered) baby deserve to have their victimizers brought to the full brunt of justice too Don’t you think?

  48. Ana says

    I can not believe there are such sick people in this world…how can a mother do this type of horric act to her own child and how can there be such dirty perverts! My prayes go out to Mr Lockhart…may lil angel Shaniya rest in peace!
    I hope the people responsible for this get what they deserve!!

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Ana, We all have to hope and have faith that there is a better realm, you know there is. Poor little girl.


  49. venice mentor says

    It has been found out that the mother IS PREGNANT and has another child who is seven. WTF!!! First of all, if she did this for drugs, which usually has been the case of late in these kinds of instances, then what in the world is she doing carrying a child again. The fact the news has continuously brought up the point the mother was selling Shaniya as a sex slave, must be common knowledge/fact as they have been bringing it up time and time again. There must be truth there otherwise it would be a prime lawsuit for slander. What the hell is wrong with people, those who know the mother is selling the child, let alone A 5 YEAR OLD CHILD!!!!! If all these things are true then I hope these people burn in hell. I don’t think I have ever been as incensed about a situation I have nothing do with and basically can’t do anything about. THIS TYPE OF CRIME HAS TO STOP!!!!!! Castrate the men, if they raped the child and get rid of the monster mother, after she has the child she is carrying. The unborn child may be addicted to drugs as it is!!! MONSTERS, they are monsters!

    • Phil Butler says

      I agree Venice. the world is full of horror stories, many (believe it or not) worse even than this in magnitude. We see so many stories every day from around the world. This one, I just cannot say how difficult it is to even report is.


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