Sherri Hill and Sadie Robertson Tag Team Prom Fashion

hill Sherri Hill and Sadie Robertson Tag Team Prom FashionIn a bit of interesting fashion news, Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson and designer Sherri Hill have joined forces to create a new and original collection of prom dresses for the coming Spring 2014 season. According to the news, the “Sadie Robertson Live Original” collection by Sherri Hill will be inspired by nostalgia, with retro inspired dress lengths, and etc.

Prom night this year will see teenagers dressed to impress along the lines of the Duck Dynasty “Homecoming Episode” from last year. Sadie will walk the runway at Sherri Hill’s New York Fashion Week show that runs  September 9th. For those of you unfamiliar, Sherri Hill designs fashion for young Hollywood celebrities attending red carpet moments and other performances. This “Sadie Robertson Live Original” collection will be available in over 500 boutiques in Spring 2014.

Readers may find the locations of the boutiques listed here along with other information on the collection.

Image credit: Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty wearing Sadie Robertson Live Original by Sherri Hill prom dress.

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